Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Is it a fine collection of genes or did Blythe Danner have plastic surgery? This has been a question many have been asking themselves. The abundance of celebrity gossip speculating that she did have some medical procedure carried out to keep her looking young and vibrant does not help solve the question. At the age of 69 Danner looks at least thirty or so years younger than her real age. This is all thanks to her very beautiful face. As such she is has been placed in list after list of supposedly successful plastic surgery stories. It seems that whenever one hears of successful plastic surgeries Blythe Danner should come to mind immediately.

Blythe Danner Plastic Surgery

Plastic surgeries for Danner

Supposing that Blythe Danner did actually have plastic surgery performed on her, which procedures did she possibly go for? A facelift will always be in any Blythe Danner plastic surgery rumor. She is said to have undergone at least two four surgical procedures. A facelift is one of these procedures. She had her skin tightened to get rid of the fine lines and wrinkles that are a common occurrence in women who are over the age of fifty. Danner has not loose facial skin and she looks impossibly natural. The facelift must have been performed by a one of a kind professional.

The procedure has been performed at least three times in her lifetime- at least according to news in the grapevine. Danner has denied these allegations claiming that she has not have any facelift surgeries performed on her. This was also in reply to the innumerable neck lift surgery rumors that surround her. Her neck is completely free of wrinkles just as her forehead and her cheeks are.

Danner’s plastic eyelids and cheeks

One thing that is for sure is that Blythe Danner has never had any procedure performed on her nose. It is still the same button nose that she had back in the day when she was starting out in her acting career. The same cannot be said for her eyelids and cheeks though. Usually at an age that is approaching seventy people will have loose cheeks and drooping eyelids. This is so not the case with Blythe Danner. Her cheeks are still as full as those of a woman in her thirties give or take some ten years. Her eyelids are not spotting the characteristics folds that scream out the warning forthcoming aging.

Danner’s current pictures show youthful eyes, the eyes that you will only find in a young woman. She clearly had done something to her eyes. It is working wonders for her because she is currently one of the most renowned celebrities of her age and is still under the constant attention of the press.

Danner’s experiment with Botox

This she has not denied and has not accepted to having performed it yet. She has been somewhat dodgy about the issue of having some Botox injections. Blythe Danner has nonetheless claimed to have experimented with it several times. As aforementioned, her forehead lacks the tell tale signs of old age. The fine lines are completely lacking and so are the wrinkles.

She said herself that her secret to looking so young and beautiful is doing some dermal injections every now and them. She preferred Botox because it keeps her face looking young. This statement has been echoed by plastic surgery experts who have commented that she might also be using some other dermal fillers such as Juvederm and the highly famed Restylane.

Using Botox the Blythe Danner way

The thing with Botox is that you need to know how to use it properly. Blythe Danner has confessed to having sought out the help of various procedures but she cautions women against going for the very invasive procedures. She has also said that overusing something only makes the issue worse. Experts in plastic surgery have lauded her for being smart and using just a little bit of the dermal fillers. This not only helps solve the ageing issue but also gives the skin the very natural look that many long for after plastic surgery.