Bad Celebrity Boob Jobs

Nicole Kidman boob job

Celebrity Boob JobsĀ Gone Wrong

When it comes to the celebs, going under the knife to stay in the limelight seems like a valid idea. But hey! some ideas go bad don’t they? There are some who have done a wonderful job ( or rather got a wonderful job done ) and some who have just destroyed the beauty of nature. Women’s assets have been among their main strengths in alluring men and grabbing all the attention ( remember Pamela Anderson ).Thus it seems pretty natural to assume that those, who weren’t naturally blessed with the best pair of boobs in the world, would be inclined to getting them to look like the best. However, success ( and a perfect pair of boobs ) as they say, eludes some.

*Surgeries that Just went wrong-Beverly Hills was a show that achieved much fame but Tori Spelling wanted it more. An initial enhancement surgery that bombed made the actress remorseful about having gone under the knife. The surgeon it seems was called back from a vacation and he took the revenge in the worst possible manner. A crooked cleavage leaves a lot to be desired and we feel for her.-Ouch! is what you say when you see a Tara Reid’s picture of the present and juxtapose an image of her past next to her. This “Scurbs” beauty who was perfectly okay to begin with ended up being a mere practice dolls for surgeons and ended up being lumpy in awkward places.And an endless list of debacles can follow.Now let us look at some numbers.

Before and After

*Quantitative Analysis-When one looks closely at what celebrities find satisfaction in after a boob job, a vague indicator is the boob size. Well what is the point of investing in boobs if at the end they are not big, eh?. Let’s indulge ourselves into some analysis.
A look at the photo of a young Kate Hudson should have all your attention. But what had all her attention, it seems, was her small bust. Kudos to her surgeons who did a wonderful job and made her look almost astonishing after her boob job on her 31st birthday. From a Cup size of an A to a certain C at least, at the end it was a good job.

And talking about boob jobs, the discussion will be incomplete if we don’t mention the most astonishing playboy cover girl of all time- Pamela Anderson. A boob job, implants for nine years, another boob job, even bigger implant, She has made her fans go from an “oh! ” to an “oooh!” and finally to an “ooooo!”. Everybody’s dream ( and no need to mention why ) Pamela went from what looks like B to a D to an I,J,K,L. But no complaints about it, can’t say she isn’t liked for it.

*The Good and the Bad-While some A-listers might be comfortable with their natural assets, a bunch of others felt a strong desire to get to a “ah bust!” from a “bust!?” An industry where looking good can make or break your career, nobody can blame them for an inclination to get a better set of assets. While some manage to wow the audiences a few just seem to make the wrong choices in their doctors. Courtney Love shows us what instilling mood into fake implants mean. She is an actress, a musician, a mom and just like her are implants. They are big, wide and out of place. Well its okay, not everyone can have everything.*One Final Word-Its okay if these beauties spend big bucks for big boobs, but it better to be normal than to look like having oranges and watermelongs for breasts. Nature has it own course and is best left untamed.