Bad Plastic Surgery Photos

Michael Jackson plastic surgery

Every celebrity dreads this reality despite the fact that the choice to have a surgical procedure performed on them is already a gamble. Cosmetic surgery has been labeled the double ended sword which cuts both ways. Everyone goes into surgery room expecting to come out looking better than they did when they entered but this is not always the case. Some people have to live with the negative aftermath of cosmetic surgery. Few are able to consult corrective procedures but others have to learn to embrace the new reality that comes with a plastic surgery gone wrong.

What Causes A Botched Job? 

Botched jobs are either as a result of over indulgence or being handled by unskilled professionals. Often, when celebrities get negative results from surgeries, they are quick to blame the surgeon but sometimes it is not the surgeon’s fault but their own fault. The skin has a limit on the amount of procedures it can take. Too much chemicals or administration of cosmetic surgery chemicals without heeding the manufacturer’s instructions often leads to negative results. Despite this knowledge, celebrities still fall prey to over indulgence in plastic surgery procedures since they are extremely obsessed with the notion of appearing flawless rather than holding unto their natural appearances. Celebrities are rated as the number one narcissistic individuals on earth and their self esteem largely depends on their ability to look good and attract attention.

How to Avoid a Botched Job

The first step to ensuring that you stay clear off a botched job is to familiarize yourself with the causes and avoid them. Since over indulgence is rated as a number one cause, you are advised to engage with plastic surgery moderately. Also known as the too little rule, this engagement ensures that you look good and at the same time hold onto your natural appearance. However, moderation is no guarantee that you will get the best results since it is not the only factor that determines the outcome of a surgical procedure. Another thing to look out for is the qualification of the surgeon who will handle you. Experienced surgeons may charge a higher rate but they are worth the extra dollar spent since they guarantee better results. There are cases of celebrities who tied surgical procedures for the first time only to register terrible results since the doctor lacked experience. This means that before deciding o have a procedure performed, you also need to carry out a thorough research on what it entails and find alternative solution to your problem before arriving at cosmetic surgery.

Effects of a Plastic Surgery Gone Wrong 

The effects of a botched job are not only reflected on the celebrity’s lowered self esteem but on their career as well. A famous celebrity is worth more in terms of net pay than one who is not famous. However, with a plastic surgery gone wrong, one’s career can suffer tremendous damage since it lowers the net pay. Showbiz thrives on giving fans what they desire to see and a flawless being is what fans desire. With a botched job, criticism and rejection follows a celebrity and despite the fact that they could be talented, the respective showbiz managers will have no choice but to reject them. If at all they will be lucky to get a job offer, it will be at a much lower rate than their initial rating. Clearly, plastic surgery is a blessing and a curse and choosing to indulge in this world is equal to trading on a dangerous ground. However, with the growing number of celebrities who indulge in this art of beauty, there is no doubt that people are becoming more appreciative than critical of it despite the danger it poses.