Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery

barbara eden plastic surgery

Barbara Eden Plastic Surgery –  Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery is the norm of Hollywood. Very few of Hollywood actresses are still natural. Hollywood is believed to be the home of the young and pretty faced, and the not so young thank God for plastic surgery since it helps them bridge the gap between them and the relatively young ones. Before the invention of plastic surgery, celebrities would succumb to old age without too much ado. However, the anti aging surgical procedures available in the market today have changed how old age is perceived. Old age is no longer a treasure but a disadvantage that has to be done away with. Barbara Eden is a veteran American actress and singer who has also joined the list of celebrities who have had plastic surgery. At the age of 83, Barbara looks like she is fifty. Women at the age of 83 can barely open their eyes but the talented Barbara’s eyes among other features are as youthful as ever.

barbara eden plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery or Good Genes

There is little doubt that Barbara has had plastic surgery. This is mainly due to the fact that the star looks like she is in her fifties while she is on her eighty third year. At this age, it cannot be mistaken how one should look. Wrinkles, sagging skin, eye bags and crowfeet among many other signs of old age should have turned ones face into their home. This is not the case for Barbara; she has somehow managed to eliminate all these traces of old age from her prey face. For this reason, speculators have been on her case trying to establish the types of surgeries that have made the star reverse the aging process. Despite the fact that these speculations lie unconfirmed, very few people doubt the truth in them. A comparison of her before and after photos is the only way for you to decide whether or not the speculations are true.

Facelift and Botox Injections

Barbara Eden plastic surgery procedure includes the skin rejuvenating procedures: Botox and Facelifts. Most women aiming at fighting old age opt for Botox since it is a non invasive procedure. Botox injections are good for fighting wrinkles. The injection works on the facial muscles and too much Botox usually has an effect on facial muscles causing immobility. Luckily for Barbara, her face does not look plastic despite her use of Botox. Her tight facial skin still allows her to smile and laugh meaning that her facial muscles are still in perfect working condition. The smooth, fresh and tight skin on the veteran’s face is also speculated to be as a result f Facelift. The facelift procedure has helped the star rid herself off the wrinkles and sagging skin that would have already formed on her face. Judging from the results of these procedures, the American singer and actress went light on the surgeries a trick that always delivers positive results.

Nose Job and Breast Implants

Barbara has also had the appearance enhancer surgical procedures. Her nose seems to have undergone a drastic change that speculators have attested to rhinoplasty. Just like for the other surgeries, the rhinoplasty procedures was done with precision to give the star a long, narrow ridged nose that complements the rest of her facial features well. Her breasts also seem to have undergone some changes. In her after photos, it can be established that Barbara Eden is no longer the small cupped woman she was in her before photos. The increase in her cup size is speculated to be as a result of silicon implants. Additionally, a woman of her age cannot have a firm and dense pair of breasts Barbara boasts of. The veteran actress made the right choices of surgeries and she also had good surgeons. If she ever thinks of any other surgeries, she should retain both the surgeon and the too little rule.