Blake Lively Breast Implants

Blake Lively Breast Implants

Blake Lively Breast Implants – Before and After Pictures

Blake Lively is a successful American actress famous for her role in the television series Gossip Girl. Plastic surgery speculations started following her very early in her career. Just at the age of twenty, her first surgery speculations were trending in the social media sites. It was then speculated that she has had a rhinoplasty. Later Blake Lively breast implants become the topic of discussion in celebrity gossip columns. Breast implants are considered the number one plastic surgery young women in Hollywood go for. Particularly women in their twenties love to have the size of their breasts enhanced to attain the perfect body shape. When speculations about Blake Lively plastic surgery were in the air, many people did not object since the star had previously confirmed the rhinoplasty speculations. In Hollywood, once a celebrity has admitted to having had a procedure performed on them, it is usually assumed that they may always go for more.


Blake Lively Breast Implants Speculations

When Blake Lively showed a considerable increase in her cup size, rumor was that she had had her breasts augmentated. These accusations were fueled by the fact that Black Lively is not new to plastic surgery. On a different occasion, growth changes would have been considered to be the cause of the increase in her cup size. In their twenties, women are at the peak of their maturity and their breasts are one area where this maturity is evidenced. However, the American actress does not enjoy this benefit of doubt given that it is claimed that these changes occurred all of a sudden. Within no time, Blake lively was flaunting her new C cups in the media, cups that were not thought to be naturally endowed. Many celebrities speculated to having had surgical procedures are given away by the fact that there changes occur all of a sudden defying natural order.

Why Did She Get Breast Implants?

It is believed that most celebrities who opt for surgical procedures do so due to the pressure to compete in Hollywood. It has also been thought that they do this for their fans who are always expecting them to be physically flawless. The reason behind Blake Lively breast implants can only be speculated upon since the star has not even confirmed the speculations. It is thought that she needed the implants to accentuate her feminine curve. Breast implants when properly done bear extremely positive results as the star is able to not only boast of a firm pair of breast but of beautiful curves and edges every woman dreams to have. Blake has also been associated with a heightened sense of self esteem post surgery. Known for her naturally beautiful simile, her post surgery photos suggest a star who is pleased with the results of the speculated surgeries.

Surgery Results

Blake Lively looks like a fairy tale princess in her new set of C cups. The size of the implants is perfect for her body shape and size. It is not easy to tell that her new breast size is unnatural. Not only did the star go easy in her choice of breast implants but she also knew the size and shape of implants he needed to complete her feminine curve. Blake has also been associated with a good sense of fashion. Her sophisticated taste in clothes ensures that all her clothes match her body and she definitely knows how to flaunt what she has. She is an amazing actress and is greatly admired by her fans. She is yet to confirm these speculations and some doubters think the speculations may be ill founded. Despite this, Blake lively breast implants are the perfect fit for her young sexy body.