Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Most veteran actors and actresses have been recently involved with plastic surgery. In their bid to maintain a fresh look and keep up with the stiff competition in Hollywood, they turn to the anti aging surgical procedures to eliminate traces of old age. Whenever celebrity plastic surgery is discussed, it was often assumed that it involved female celebrates. This assumption was based on the notion that women are more insecure of how they look than men. However, with the rising number of male celebrities who are joining the list of celebrities who have had plastic surgery, you can safely say that men too are concerned with their appearances. Burt Reynolds plastic surgery speculations are among the controversial plastic surgery speculations trending in the social media. The controversy arises from the actors own views regarding these speculations which oppose those of the critics. Despite his controversy, the speculations are not dead and very few of the critics want to believe that Burt Reynolds is a graceful ager.

Burt Reynolds Plastic Surgery

What Are Reynolds Plastic Surgeries? 

According to speculations, Reynolds has had the surgical procedures common to people over sixty years old. The veteran actor is himself in his seventies meaning that he should by now have a fair share of wrinkles. However, the actor’s face is as fresh as it were almost ten years ago. Plastic surgery speculations following the actor claim that he has had a facelift, Botox, eyelid surgery and laser skin treatments. A comparison of Reynolds’s before and after photos are indicative of the possibility of these surgeries. Not only do the photos show the star’s tight facial skin but they also evidence a degree of pastiness in his appearance. This does not simply occur out of the blues. The fact that the star appears to loose his natural looks makes it difficult to believe that his graceful ageing is a case of good genes.

Were The Surgeries Worth The Investment? 

Plastic surgery procedures cost a lot of money. Despite the fact that actors have lots of money to spend on such procedures, the results of the surgery should ensure that they get value for their money. Critics argue that Burt Reynolds plastic surgery was not a worth venture since the action movies sensation has lost his natural appearances. Reynolds might have suffered from over indulgence or a case of poor surgeons since his choices of surgery are objective for someone his age. However, the results indicate otherwise, it seems that his skin did agree with one or all of the procedures. The Botox procedure for instance gave him a smooth and tight facial skin to boast of but his troubles were not over since the tight skin does not look natural. He is thought to have also added laser skin treatments on his face. The eye lift opened his eyes wider than they were before and eliminate the eye bags that would have already formed around his eyes. Despite his wide eyes, you cannot miss to notice the other flaws. Apparently, the surgical procedures were not a worthy venture.

What Does Burt Have To Say? 

Burt Reynolds seems to be completely immersed in the Hollywood culture. Despite all the evidence of plastic surgery showing all over his face, he publicly denied to having had any of the speculated procedures. He admits to having had an eye surgery only as a medical procedure and not as an aesthetic procedure as speculators would put it. According to him, his yes had been hit while shooting an action movie and he needed to repair the damage. As it is, these speculations will forever remain in this state since the star himself has openly denied the claims.