Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery

Barbara Walters Plastic surgery

Barbara Walters Plastic Surgery – Before and After Photos

In the past few years, the news about Barbara Walters plastic surgery has been creating a lot of buzz around the world. As the then 82 year old superstar reporter showed up for Paul McCartney’s wedding, looking like a wax figurine which escaped from Madam Tussaud’s. Barbara made the front pages of many magazines and websites, but this time it was not for her controversial interviews with A list celebrities, rather for her latest surgical mishap. So to understand how exactly did Barbara Walters plastic surgery got inducted into The Accidental Plastic Surgical Hall Of Fame and the list of surgeries she has had, lets take an upclose and personal look.

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The Happening 80’s

Normally under any given situation, you would consider someone in their 80’s to prefer aging gracefully rather than go under the knife to hold onto their age. And that includes even the most popular of celebrities. But despite a powerful career spanning over a period of 5 decades, Barbara hasn’t been one of those people who has gone down without a fight and age is no exception. Although Barbara has only preferred sticking to having face lifts to battle the signs of aging, she managed to stay away from extensive cosmetic surgeries. But maybe the 2011 Paul McCartney wedding added the extra pressure on her to undergo a thorough makeover.

The Surgeries and Changes

Barbara now 84, famously like any other celebrity denied undergoing the knife in any form. But if you compare her pictures over the years, you would see prominent signs of surgeries. What caught everyone’s eye was the simple fact that even though Barbra’s overall appearance aged like anyone else in their 80’s, but if you take a closer look upon her face you would realize that she doesn’t have any wrinkles and her teeth look nothing like what they did before. Judging from all the pictures over the years, it looks like she has extensively undergone:

Barbara Walters Young

Botox Injections

When you start taking a closeup on Barbra Walters face, the first thing you would notice is that she doesn’t have any wrinkles or crows feet. Which is extremely common amongst people post their 40’s, especially celebrities as they are mostly sleep deprived. It either means that she has been a steady fan of Botox injections or granny found a cool trick to iron out those wrinkles.

Eyelid Surgery

Another cool trick that Barbra Walters has managed to pull with her superhuman reporting powers is that her eyes show now sign of aging and bags. Explained in simple words, anyone above the age of 40 will undoubtedly have drooping eyes and bags under their eyes and the dark circles tagged along with under eye wrinkles are just an added bonus. And like the most of her face, Barbara’s eyes does not have either of them. They look as firm and perfect like they did decades ago and there is no miracle makeup in the world, except plastic surgery that can do that trick.

Face Lift

After going through all the pictures of Barbra Walters over the years, it looks like she has been a long going fan of face lifts. Why? Simply because as you start aging, gravity starts loving your face and starts dragging it towards itself and causing your face to sag. Apart from the loss of skin elasticity is also another things which causes the face to sag and Barbra is amongst those few people who has kept her face from doing any gravity tricks all at. Translations, Face Lift. Because without the help of Face lift’s, someone in their 80’s would require thousands of stapler pins to hold their face up.

Neck Lift

There is an ancient saying that Face Lifts and Neck Lifts go hand in hand and this is one saying that has become a staple for Barbara Walters plastic surgery list. If you look closely at Barbra’s neck, then at your grandmas neck and then back again at Barbra’s face, you will she that your grandma has 10 times the wrinkles than her face. But incase of Barbra’s neck, her neck matches her face in every way and zeroed out the wrinkles completely. Which means that she has been a long going fan of Neck Lifts as well.

Even though many people would admit that the recent Barbara Walters plastic surgery has made her look almost 20 years younger. Meaning she looks like a 64 year old, instead of an 84 year old. But in everyone’s opinion, Barbra’s adventure with plastic surgery has only translated into one of the biggest accidents in recent time and made her a permanent member of the Plastic Surgery Mega Accidents Club.