Brooklyn Decker Bra Size – Boob Job Exposed

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Brooklyn Decker Breasts Augmentation Before and After Pic

Ever since Brooklyn Decker broke into the scene as one of the most beautiful and well endowed bikini models, she has always managed to remain as the fantasy of every man and envy of every woman. But if you thought that standing it at 5 foot 9 inches and with a 36DD bra size, tagged along with a tender age and stunning looks would cover up her biggest plastic surgery accidents, then think again. Because Brooklyn Decker Bra Size may have helped her career sky rocket, but it failed miserably to cover up her recent flaws.
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Brooklyn Decker Nose Before Career

If you think that Brooklyn got influenced with all the attention and money that she was getting and wandered down the road of plastic surgery, then you would be surprised to know that Brooklyn is no stranger to the knife and has gone one on one with it even before she began her modelling career. It was sometime during the early 2009’s or 2010’s when Brooklyn, packed her super good looks, huge breasts and wandered into the world of swimsuit modelling. But she realized early that if she wanted to make to the big names, then she would require some corrective surgery on her nose. Because her overweight nose simply did not fit her underweight body. So determined into the world of swimsuit models, Brooklyn gathered up all of her courage and money, and underwent her first nose job which catapulted her to the most successful modelling career ever.

Brooklyn latest Boob Job and  Breast sizes

After performing a thorough prognosis on Brooklyn Decker bra size and scanning all her before and after pictures, it is evident that her breasts don’t show any signs of plastic surgery whatsoever. But the recent pictures of Brooklyn revel a whole different story. It seems that after she remained as one of the most popular swimsuit models the world has ever seen and married Andy Roddick the tennis star, she had her sights on something more and the only way she could gain that something more would be with the help of another plastic surgery. As soon as Brooklyn set her sights on the silver screen, she realized that Photoshop wont be at her service 24/7 and she would have to take things into her own hand and undergo a lip augmentation surgery. But like it is said that plastic surgery is for the ugly and only makes beautiful people scary, Brooklyn Decker’s lip augmentation went horribly wrong and literally transformed into good ol Mrs. Fishlips.

More Brooklyn Pics

The wise would think that if one plastic surgery failed then they should give up on it altogether, but Brooklyn is a firm believer of the saying” If you don’t succeed at first, then you should keep trying until you do”. Which means that even after evolving into Mrs’ Fishlips with a terrible lip augmentation surgery, Brooklyn did not stop there and went ahead to add vinyls to her teeth. Which made her look nothing less than someone with fish like lips and horse like teeth. It is almost scary when you think, why would someone as beautiful as Brooklyn Decker undergo such horrible surgeries. But the truth remains that there is something about super stardom which forces even the smartest to make career ending blunders.

Today after Brooklyn got her horse like teeth to match her trout lips, she would truly think that people stuck with the Brooklyn Decker Bra Size story for a while or until she could find a way to fix her damaged looks. But as fate would have it, Brooklyn’s stunning good looks have been ruined with failed plastic surgery and there is nothing in this world that she can do that would bring back her show stopping looks.