Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery Before and After

Bernadette Peters sugery pictures

The Bernadette Peters Plastic Surgery Story

My God, did Bernadette Peters just fuse with Carrot Top to become a new evolved alien race in her old age? Well that is the first and only thing that comes to mind when we look at Mrs Peters in her current state. Without a doubt she was one of the most beautiful woman the world or we have ever seen and she just managed to break that image with a sledge hammer with her plastic surgery rampage. No matter how much she denies that she has managed to hold on to her age naturally, we are on to her experiments under a knife. Which is why we are going to point out the ugly truth behind the Bernadette Peters plastic surgery story.

Bernadette Peters sugery pictures

To start off our investigation, Bernadette Peters is 65 years old and she looks not a day older than 40. For many that should be enough proof to verify our claims, but being the bunch of obsessive maniacs that we are we won’t stop until revealing all truth. If you look at her face closely, but not close enough to freak her out, you can see no wrinkles. Most of our grandmothers died in their 60’s and they looked nothing like her. The only culprits we can blame for her smooth and perfect skin can either be the fountain of youth and a flat iron or simply lots of Botox and face lift.

Our second witness is her perfect eyes, when I was born the first thing that I gave my mother was wrinkles over her eyes and Bernadette Peters has eye that looks like a 30 year old. Which could only mean one thing, eyelid surgery. Another thing that should not be missed out is her hair, people in the sixties do not have perfect hair like a shampoo model. Instead their hairs falls out and they age like the rest of us. Her perfect hair can only be the result of rooting and hair implants, and if she is the one to deny those then a lot of us are here who are more than willing to pay a hefty price to know her haircare secret.