Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Before and After Pic

cat lady plastic surgery pic

Cat Lady Plastic Surgery Disaster

A cat’s face is pretty only when it is hanging from a cat’s neck. One look at cat lady’s face after her plastic surgery will surely ascertain this. This elegant socialite redefined the art of plastic surgery. She proved to the world that plastic surgery is not only meant to make you look beautiful but it can enable your animal look aspirations.

Jocelyn Wildenstein had a series of surgeries on her face just to achieve the cat look. Facelifts, lip injection, fillers are among the surgeries she had done on her face. The interesting bit about her surgeries is the cost. She spent a total of 4 million dollars just to look the way she does.

cat lady plastic surgery pic

What’s Her Excuse?

Judging from her before and after photos, she definitely has to have a good reason for turning her pretty face into a zoo. Jocelyn is nicknamed cat woman due to her love for cats. Her surgery was meant to ascertain this fact. Additionally, her twisted way of showing affection served as a great motivation for this controversial surgery. Her husband, Alec Wildenstein, loves cat and apparently she wanted to give him a human cat to look at every day. This is a woman who was unafraid of facing the surgeon’s knife to satisfy her husband’s passion.

Surgery Gone Bad?

The peculiar outcome of her surgery does not mean that the surgery went wrong. Her surgeons were successful in giving her the look she desired. It is just that no human being can look good with a cat’s face. According to her husband, Jocelyn was one happy woman after her surgery. She loved her looks and never complained about it. However, the results of her surgery elicited mixed reactions from her fans. Majority of them were not pleased with what she had done with her face.

Her latest photos suggest that she has been through a number of corrective surgeries to look human again. Her lips, eyebrows and forehead look different from those of her surgery photos. She is definitely becoming human again. It is good to know that she finally came to the realization that cats are pretty because they are cats.