Billie Piper Plastic Surgery 

Billie Piper Plastic Surgery l

Billie Piper Before and After Photos

She was born as Leian Paul Piper on the 22nd day of April 1982 in Swindon Wiltshire. She is an English dancer, singer and actress. She signed her first recording contract when she was only fifteen. Between the years of 1995 to 1998, she released her music debut with Scratchy and Company. A year and one day after she was born, she had her parents renamed her Billie and dropped the name Leian. She is the eldest child and daughter to Mandy Kane Kent and Paul Victor Piper. She comes from a family of four with two sisters: Elise and Harley and a brother Charley. She attended two schools the Brandon Forest School and Sylvia Young Theater School. She is also famous for portraying the role of Rose Tyler in Dr. Who.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

When compared to Hollywood celebrities, English celebrities are known for shying away from cosmetic procedures. However, this does not mean that a god number of them haven’t tried a few. Billie’s transformed appearance has landed her name in the list of celebrities with bad cosmetic surgery. It is believed that she had two procedures on her face. Sadly, her attempts to improve her appearance did not go well since she looks a bit worse than she did before. Critics have argued that she had a lip procedure together with veneers. Her before and after photos capture the change in her appearance. Like it is the norm with most celebrities especially those whose procedures didn’t produce desirable results, the actress has chosen to ignore the rumors.

Lip Augmentation and Veneers

Bilie’s lip job has been the source of a heated argument since it is not yet proven whether she had her lips augmented or injected with filers. Her lips look fuller, sensual and plumped. As much as this may seem to be a good thing, the actress was unlucky enough to get a set of lips which do not go well with the rest of her facial features. She had received too much criticism for her appearance and most critics prefer her before the procedure.

She also had veneers to reshape her teeth. It is also speculated that she had the shape her teeth whitened. Although her teeth are perfectly realigned now, some critics have blamed these results for her current horsey – shaped mouth. It is argued that her teeth, which appear bigger than normal have interfered with the shape and size of the lips as opposed to the belief that it is her lip job.

Surgery Results

Some people are lucky enough to get what they want with cosmetic surgery. It is unfortunate that Billie is not one of them. Considering that she has not been involved in any other unnecessary procedures, she is not entirely to blame for the results of her two procedures. It is only fair for her to share the blame with her surgeon. As the common saying goes, these procedures are a gamble and sometimes it is a matter of luck. There is no fun being referred to as horsey mouth by the media and fans. Her reputation has suffered a great deal due to this botched job. One of her two procedures was not performed well and if a corrective surgery is possible, she should consider having one.