Donnie Wahlberg Plastic Surgery

Donnie Wahlberg plastic surgery

Donnie Wahlberg Before and After Photos

He was born on the 17th of August 1969 in Dorchester Massachusetts. He is an American singer, film producer and actor. He founded the New Kids on the Block music band. As an actor, he is famous for being featured in different television and film movies including righteous kill, dream catcher and Saw films among many others. He was the eighth of a family of nine. He also had three half siblings from his father’s side. His parents, Alma Elaine and Donald Edmond Wahlberg Sr worked as a Nurse Aide and bank clerk and delivery driver respectively.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

He is one of the celebrities who was least expected to join the celebrity plastic surgery list. Rumor that he had consulted a few procedures began as soon as unnatural changes were spotted on him. He defies old age in every sense of the word. From his looks to his body physique, the actor has managed to minimize the signs of aging. With his silence over the trending speculations, critics have been reduced to the usual comparison of previous and current photos to establish Donnie’s procedures. These speculations have given him both positive and negative publicity. While he is among the gracefully aging celebrities, most of his fans have criticized him for taking this step. It is not unusual for celebrities to try everything to remain young but there are those who you don’t expect that they will cross the cosmetic surgery line, Donnie Wahlberg is one of them.

Facials and Tummy Tuck

He is believed to have gone under the knife for four facial procedures including, Facelift, Botox, facial fillers and brow lift. The combination of Botox and facelift is the most common quick fix solution to aging. When carefully done, these two procedures smooth out frown and laugh lines. Due to their noon invasive nature, celebrities who have had them find it easy to deny. Donnie hasn’t offered an official statement regarding any of his speculated surgeries. His silence has placed his fans and critics at loggerheads.

The lack of eye bags and frown lines on and round his brow suggest that the actor has undergone a brow lift procedure. as suggested by its name, this procedure involves the lifting of the brow which in turn gets rid of all skin folds it the perfect anti aging procedures since just like facelift and Botox, it is quick and non invasive.

It is speculated that there is more than diet and exercise to his perfect abs. as people age, the rate of metabolism goes down and so does that of normal body processes. This in turn leads to the disposition of fats in various place of the body including the tummy. The forty six year old has the physique most young men dream of.

Surgery Results

Donnie Wahlberg surprised the world with his decision to go under the knife. Although his reasons seem valid in his line of work, he has attracted a good amount of criticism. He achieved to conceal the signs of aging. He looks like time stopped ticking for him ten years ago. However, it is unfortunate that not much of his natural face is left. Traces of cosmetic surgery can be seen. Luckily his career has survived and he is still one of the most adored male celebrities in Hollywood.