Britney Spears Before and After Plastic Surgery

britney spears before and after

Britney Spears Before and After Plastic Surgery Pictures

Britney Spears, the Princess of Pop Music, has been a fan favorite ever since she was in her teens. The thirty three year old star is an enigma. She has won numerous awards including 9 Billboard Music awards, 6 MTV Video Music awards, a Grammy award, and the Lifetime Achievement award. She has also won the ultimate achievement, a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star. Britney has managed to look appealing and breathtaking in the two decades that she has spent in the limelight. Would you want to know the secret behind her breathtaking looks? Rumor has it that the secret is plastic surgery.

britney spears before and after

Britney Spears Before and After Plastic Surgery Rumors

Britney is a pop icon, an American Sweetheart, and an idol for girls and women across the world. The pressure to look good is immense. Recently, she broke the secrecy surrounding her plastic surgery rumors by publicly admitting that she has had lip injections. Celebrity watchers are, however, not convinced that lip injections are the only cosmetic procedures she has undergone. According to the rumor mill, her before and after pictures reveal that her plastic surgery resume includes lip injections, a liposuction, breast implants, and a nose job.

Britney Spears Before and After Lip Injections

Britney Spears must be commended for her bravery. Hollywood Divas rarely admit that they have consulted a surgeon. Britney Spears took the bull by its horns when she admitted in a candid interview with “InStyle” magazine that she has had lip injections. She admitted that she sees a certain Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon known as Dr. Raj Kanodia, who regularly injects her lips with a peptide-based product. The lip injections have done wonders to her appearance. Her lips have been in great shape during her lengthy grueling career. They are supple, refreshing and enticing in all her photo shoots. The injections are essential for her since she has struggled with bouts of Psoriasis, a skin disease that is characterized by scaly red itching patches.

Britney Spears Before and After Nose Job

Britney has avidly denied nose job rumors. However, her ‘before and after’ pictures tell a different story. When she was a teenager her nose was extremely big and fat. Even as she matured into her early twenties, her nose still had a round tip and it was still very wide and big at the bridge. In her current pictures, her nose bridge is narrower and the tip of her nose is more refined. The rhinoplasty was not done professionally as it is still possible to trace her original nose shape in her photos.

Britney Spears Before and After Boob Job

Britney Spears is rumored to have undergone both breast implantation and breast reduction surgery procedures. Celebrity watchers believe that her breast implants were done early in her career as her breasts were visibly too large for a teenager. Her ‘before and after’ pictures reveal an abnormal increase in size during her teenage transition years. It is rumored that she had the implants removed when she realized that she was pregnant. There are different versions of boob job rumors surrounding her. For now, all we can do is to speculate.

Britney Spears Before and After Liposuction

Pregnancy and the process of delivering a baby poses a lot of challenges for young mothers; particularly celebrity mothers. Britney Spears gave birth to her first child in 2005; in 2006 she gave birth to her second born. The succession of consecutive pregnancies took a toll on her body as it did not have adequate time to rest and get back in shape. She had gained a lot of fat due to the post-baby flab. Nevertheless, a few months after giving birth to her second born she had regained her glamorous body shape. It is believed that she underwent liposuction as it is not possible to regain the natural body shape within such a short time.

Britney Spears is still in excellent shape as is seen in her 2013 video “Work Bitch”. Her looks are still to die for. She has only confirmed lip injections. For now, people will continue speculating about the other cosmetic procedures hoping that one day she will have the guts to confirm them.