Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Cameron Diaz Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Cameron Diaz has always been one of those stars in Hollywood who has commanded the limelight ever since she first faced the camera at the tender age of 16. But even with one of the most beautiful faces around the Hollywood block, Cameron too is rumoured to have her share of plastic surgeries. While we may not know the exact number of surgeries The Mask star has had over her tenure in tinsel town, we all know about her candid approach to inform the media of her nose job which she claims to have had to repair a surfing accident. But we are not the ones to let things go so easily, because we are determined to get behind the Cameron Diaz nose job and uncover the true list of plastic surgeries she may or may not have had over the years.

Cameron Diaz Nose Job

Nose Up

The story behind the Cameron Diaz nose job starts with a surfing accident sometime back in 2003, when Cameron smashed her nose onto a surfboard and cracked it beyond repair. Now we cant really vouch for the fact if Cameron actually broke her nose while surfing or while standing on the shoreline and falling on an unexpected surfboard, but all that we can say is that somewhere in the story a surfboard was involved and she smashed her nose up pretty bad. And it was her broken nose which compelled Cameron to push beyond the boundaries of plastic surgery and dwell into the realms of medical procedures. But despite being extremely candid about her surgical affairs, we are pretty sure that celebrities don’t get surgeries on their faces for no reasons at all and if she really did have a surgery on her nose, then where is the scar? Because the last time anyone of us checked with a doctor for a surgery anywhere on our bodies, we had scars to show off and there is nothing in this world that can change it.

The Surgical Wonder

No matter how candid Cameron may want to be about her nose job and accidental botox job, we are pretty certain there’s more to the story. And if you compare her photos from her “The Mask” times and now, you will notice that her face has changed rather drastically over the years. For example, the time when made her debut opposite Jim Carey in The Mask, she had extremely well defined lips and all the curves her cheeks and face showed was of baby fat. But if you fast forward only a few years on to her There’s Something About Mary days, you would realize that her lips got severely deflated and her cheeks became more well defined. Now most of us have seen people loose and gain weight all our lives, but if you truly want expert advice, then her sudden transformation can only be the result of plastic surgery. And if you look at Cameron’s present looks, then your doubts about her experiments with the knife will become more clear because it looks like Cameron is well on her way to becoming the next real like Barbie Doll.