Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Chelsea Clinton is a famous American princess since is the only daughters of Hillary and Bill Clinton who are both renowned figures in American politics. Born on February of 1980, Chelsea grew up to be adored by her parents and she helped where she could to see the political success of both their careers. Presently the correspondent for NBC news, the American princess has also been featured among American children who have had plastic surgery. Her reasons for plastic surgery were not that strange as most women would go for surgery for the same reasons. Her wedding to Marc Mezvinsky an investment banker got Chelsea to be all conscious about her appearance. Most brides would kill to look perfect on the D-day and the daughter of America’s former president is no exception. Unlike those flaws that can be fixed with diets and extensive work out regimes common among most brides, Chelsea’s flaws were better fixed with plastic surgery.

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Clinton Plastic Surgery Speculations

When she showed up in her elegant wedding dress and a complete facial transformation, it was speculated at she had had a facial makeover. This is not the normal makeover for most brides, it was plastic surgery. Chelsea looked almost perfect in her enhanced facial features. According to critics, most of her flaws had been fixed and the star looked as every woman dreams to look like on her wedding day. Chelsea who has lost an estimated amount of 25 pounds looked modest in her wedding dress. Unlike other unfortunate celebrities, her plastic surgery speculations bore a positive note since everything went well for her. It would have been extremely sad had eth surgery backfired given that it was done just for her perfect day. It is speculated that pretty Chelsea had had a nose job, chin surgery and dermal injections.

Chelsea’s nose, chin and Lips

If there is something speculators are blessed with, it is a knack for details. Even the minor of transformations never escapes their eyes. While others had gone to celebrate Chelsea’s great day, speculators were apparently concerned with more than the happiness shared at weddings. Celebrity bloggers and renowned plastic surgeon’s noted the difference in Chelsea’s nose, chin and lips. It has been argued that the star had these features enhanced to improve her facial appearance. Her nose, a subject of concern among many was chiseled out. The chiseling did not only give her the much sought after elegant nose but it also got rid of the bump on her nose. Her chin was augmentated in an effort to correct her jaw line. This jaw line make over gave her face an entirely new shape that augured well with the new nose and eth rest of her facial features. Dr. Walden, a renowned and accredited plastic surgeon who is also a celebrity blogger claims that her lips also look augmentated. According to her professional eye, Chelsea’s transformed and less gummy smile is as a result of a lip augmentation procedure that may have involved the injection of juverderm on her upper lips.

Surgery Results

Plastic surgery is always a gamble and the results may depend on how well the enhancements suit a person together with the surgeon’s experience. Chelsea’s surgery results were amazing in that she was able to transform her facial appearance in an almost natural manner. She went light on the surgery choice which is a good thing for plastic surgery. It is the dream of every woman to look good on her wedding day and thanks to plastic surgery, Chelsea looked like a princess on her wedding day.