Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Chelsea handler is a New York born actress who has also joined the list of celebrities who have had plastic surgery. Chelsea has always been a sexy and beautiful woman. She has enjoyed a wonderful time in her career as attested with the success she has achieved. Her looks have been the center of celebrity gossip. Like most female Hollywood celebrity, the star is thought to have faced the surgeon’s knife not more than once. Hollywood is the home of enhanced faces and bodies. Additionally, the world is gradually getting used to the idea of plastic surgery and the stigma associated with this science of beauty is also melting away. Plastic surgeons are also perfecting in their art making more celebrities more confident of the success of the procedure. Compared to past botched jobs, present day plastic surgeons are more experienced and most of the results of their work are admirable.

Chelsea Handler Plastic Surgery

Rumors or Truth?

Most plastic surgery speculations arise when speculators observe certain transformations in celebrities. However, it is speculated that the New York born American beauty might have been a victim of a bad break up. These speculations arose as soon as she had broken up with her boyfriend Andre Balaz. Andre Balaz is the CEO of the properties company. For those who do not believe in coincidences, her boyfriend must have played a big role in leaking out the celebrity’s plastic surgery procedures. However, Hollywood is a place filled with rumors some of which lack some hint of truth. It is difficult to ascertain the truth in Chelsea Handler plastic surgery. The basis of the rumors in itself is controversial making the whole Chelsea Handler plastic surgery speculations controversial. However, a comparison of a before and after photos reveal changes but it is not clear whether or not this changes are surgical.

Facelift, Dermal Injections and Boob Job

Chelsea Handler plastic speculations are inclined towards the anti aging procedures. The facelift is believed to be behind her smooth and tight facial skin. There are no traces of neither wrinkles nor sagging skin. Chelsea who is almost forty is old enough to begin hosting the usual signs of old age. However, she has somehow managed to cling unto her youthful looks. The lack of facial wrinkles is not only thought to be as result of facelift, but also Botox injections. Dermal injections are good for tightening the skin. When not used in excess, dermal injections smoothens the face and leaves a smooth glowing effect. Chelsea is thought to have rejuvenated her skin through the above processes as it is believed that that is not the work of an anti aging facial cream. When women age, their breasts also naturally sag and loose density. However, Chelsea’s breasts are as firm and dense as those of a teenager. Now, this is not normal in a woman of her age. This fact has fuelled the breast augmentation allegations .

Surgery Results

Chelsea has chosen to remain quite over her plastic surgery allegations. Her silence does not seem to help her at all. Speculators have taken this for consent and they have taken the courtesy of judging the surgery results. The results were spectacular and the star is looking as amazing as ever. In her new set of breasts, her feminine figure is more enhanced. Her burst curve balances well with her body frame. Additionally, the star has a high sense of fashion and with her enhanced body frame; Chelsea is one of the hottest sex symbols in Hollywood. With plastic surgery results like this of one may actually be tempted to embrace this Hollywood norm.