Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery

Christie Brinkley Plastic Surgery-  Before and After pictures

Christie Brinkley is an American model with an almost perfect body and looks most women will die for. She defies the concept of old age making most people question just how natural the sexy model is. She was once the cover girl of the sports illustrated swim suit, a role that laid focus on her enviable physique and pretty face. Christie Brinkley turned 60 on February but still looks like she is in her forties. This ability to look decades younger than her original age has given birth to plastic surgery speculations as most critics are certain that the star does not have the natural ability to reverse old age as she may want it to appear. Like most Hollywood celebrities, it is speculated that Christie’s desire to stay on top of her career must have led her to embrace plastic surgery. There are many young and enviable faces in Hollywood who make it difficult of the old women to compete naturally.



What Surgeries Define Christie Brinkley? 

Rumor has it that Christie Brinkley has had several surgical procedures to maintain her ability to turn heads even in her old age. According to these rumors, the star is believed to having had the usual anti aging facial procedures common to women of her age. These include a facelift and Botox injections. However, from the professional eye, Dr. Anthony Youn, accredited plastic surgery specialist adds on the number of procedures the star must have had. He observes that the model’s flawless skin, and the perfect facial features at her age is as a result of laser treatments, upper eyelid surgery and chemical peels procedures. He further argues that no amount of physical work out, diet and anti aging cream can result n such a flawless looking skin in a woman of Christie’s age.

What Does Christie Have To Say? 

Christie seems to be the typical Hollywood celebrities who never admit that they have had a procedure done. This is a bad habit since these celebrities need to realize the negative effects of this trend to their fans. When they attest their plastic perfection to diets and workouts, other women on the same diets and workouts may even drop out due to the vain attempt of attaining a similar result. Christie’s reaction to the issue has always been termed as evasive. Despite the fact that she denies these claims, she evades the questions that may actually reveal a hint of truth in these rumors. She shows a will to have these procedures when she admits that she cannot completely shun away plastic surgery especially the non invasive procedures. Then again, she goes ahead to contradict herself by arguing that she does not allow her age to define her, she allows her attitude to do that instead. Clearly, the model is a mystery and makes it difficult to ascertain the claims leveled against her. Despite the uncertainties surrounding her case, Christie looks too good to be natural.

The Secret Behind Her Graceful Aging 

Since the rumors about Christie Brinkley plastic surgery have been shunned by the star, then it is time to consider her natural anti aging techniques. If you want to look like the star in most of her reality modeling photos, then you will need to go back to your thirteen year and adhere to a vegetarian diet. Apparently, this has worked wonders for the celebrity. Additionally, she uses natural special facial procedures that do away with the sagging and wrinkles that would have already formed on her face. Eventually, a regular work out keep her fit and free of the symptoms of old age. It is hard to prove speculations when a star is keen on denying them but there is not so much that can be done bout Christie’s case. It is a matter of opinion but the overall opinion by critics which is also echoed by her fans is that the star is a fabulous 60 year old.