Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery


Clay Aiken Plastic surgery – Before and After Pictures

Plastic surgery issues are the hottest trending news concerning Hollywood celebrities. From musicians to actors, everybody seems to be in the quest of perfection. While some surgical procedures are common among women, there are men who still have them. Despite the fact that there is still a considerable number of celebrities who still consider this form of surgery a taboo, most celebrities do not. To them, plastic surgery makes them feel nice and thus it is a good thing. Sometimes celebrities are not entirely to blame, the world too expects them to be perfect and plastic surgery comes as the only means through which they can fulfill their fan’s expectations. Unfortunately for some, the quest for beauty is not the only reason they go for these procedures, some celebrities are forced to have this procedures as part of medical requirements and later take advantage of the ongoing process and ask the doctors to fix their flaws.

 clay aiken plastic surgery

Clay Aiken’s Case 

The case of Clay plastic surgery speculations is such that it elicits mixed reactions from his fans. Clay first hit the Hollywood scene in 2003 after participating in the second season of the American Idol’s show. He secured a runner up position then and naturally his appearance then did not escape the eyes of celebrity bloggers. As if it is expected that these celebrities will attempt to change their appearances once they are unable to resist the pressure Hollywood inflicts on them, their appearances are noted with such precision that it puzzles some of these celebrity. According to Clay, his first visit to the surgeon was in response to a medical condition, a thing that led to a double surgical procedure that fixed the condition while manage his physical flaws. He is now known for his stint on celebrity Apprentice and this means that more focus is laid on any transformations aside from the one observed.

Clay Aiken Plastic Surgery 

It is speculated that the American idol runners up star has also had a rhinoplatsy aside from the jaw line surgery he had. During his American Idol days, the North Carolina boy had a double chin that is no longer visible. Thanks to his honesty, he openly told the world that he had to endure a jaw line operation as part of TMJ requirement. This medical condition leads to pain in the joint between the skull and eth lower jaw. The 34 year old singer admitted to having seen the opportunity for a liposuction around his chin area. Previously he had a double chin and the liposuction procedure bore amazing results. He is no longer with the double chin but still manages to look natural. This is all Clay admits to but apparently, the world does not buy this story. Presumably, there is more than to what Clay wants for the world to believe and he may have just gone back to the surgeon for more.

Clay’s Rhinoplatsy 

Clay Aiken has not admitted to having had a rhinoplasty but celebrity gossip columns are speculating on this fact. Apparently, a comparison of her before and after photos shows a difference in his nose. When it comes to picture comparisons, factors like lighting and angle are crucial in determining the effectiveness of the comparison. Seems like Clay has fully embraced the Hollywood tradition of fixing flaws. The truth in these speculations is difficult to ascertain unless the singing sensation comes out in the open like he did with the liposuction procedure. The procedures have had an amazing effect on the star’s general appearance. He looks elegant and presentable in his refreshed looks, qualities that have proven to earn celebrities a massive following.