Bruce Jenner Facelift

Bruce Jenner Facelift

Bruce Jenner Facelift – Before and After Pictures

William Bruce Jenner was born on the 28th of October 1949 in Mount Kisco New York. He is a former US field athlete and tracker. In 1976 Summer Olympics held in Montreal, he won a gold medal in Decathlon and became an extremely famous character. His Olympic victory saw to the success of his career as a television personality. He appeared in a made for television movie in 1981 and has since grown in the television industry. Currently, he is a motivational speaker, business man and television personality. During his early days in his career, Bruce was known for his handsome face. However, this is no longer the case. The world watched as he underwent from one transformation to the other until his face was turned into a horrifying sight. The television personality is not yet done shocking the world with the transformations he plans to undergo. He is still sailing in the world of plastic surgery, hopefully because he expects to get his handsome face back someday.

Bruce Jenner Facelift

Bruce Jenner FaceLift 

He has been associated with many surgical operations with the most famous one being his facelift. Celebrities are extremely conscious of their looks and with all the money they have, securing a surgical operation to transform themselves into flawless beings is not a difficult task. Back in the eighties, Bruce took his first step entering the world of a flawless appearance only for the procedure to turn on him. Botched jobs were common back then than they are now. This is mainly associated with the fact that cosmetic surgery is more rampant now and doctors have more experience due to availability of patients. The botched facelift distorted his face and killed his natural attractiveness making him appear frozen and unreal. The actor had to endure the results of this botched job until in the 2000 when he though it safe to have it redone. This is the mistake he made since the second facelift was as terrible as the first one probably worse. He expresses his regrets over his choice but it seems like it is too late for him.

What Critics Have To Say 

According to Dr. Richard Chaffoo, Jenner is suffering from to much facelift. This is evidenced by this earlobe which appears pulled down and distorted. He claims that the celebrity’s facial skin and related features are suffering from too much pulling and this explains the unnatural appearance on his face. Maybe it would have been wise for Jenner to consider a corrective surgery instead of another facelift given that his face is already distorted. Chances are that no amount of facelifts will mend the damage done to his face until he has some correctional procedures. It is a pity that such a talented person has to suffer such a cruel fate in the hands of cosmetic surgeons.

What Next For Jenner? 

Judging from the latest trending pictures, the celebrity has taken a different route to deal with the botched facial procedure. Speculations are that he is adopting a feminine look. He recently had a hair surgery and even had his Adams apple trimmed down, this is according to Dr. David Chaffoo. Bruce Jenner facelift is widely discussed in social media sites as one of the worst procedures in history. This negative publicity must have somehow gotten into him and drove him in a desperate attempt to camouflage his face. Those close to him have vehemently denied the transgender allegations but his photos reveal a different reality. At this point, it goes without saying that only corrective procedures can help the celebrity and he should help himself by keeping off the unnecessary surgeries since they do not do much for his already ruined face.