Carrot Top Steriods

Carrot Top Steriods

Carrot Top Steriods – Before and After Pictures

Scott Thompson best known by his stage name Carrot Top was born on the 25th of February 1965 in Rockledge Florida. He is a renowned standup comedian and actor. His comedy revolves around prop and self depreciating humor. His peculiar red hair makes him stand out among the crowd. He has appeared in a number of movies and television shows but he is most famous as a comedian. He is considered the funniest man in the world. Like Space Ghost to Ghost is one of the movies he has played a role while the most famous of his television shows being Do not Forget the Lyrics reality game show. During his initial appearances in the media, he was always a small body framed man with plenty of jokes to tell. However, it seems like he got caught up in a quest to look more masculine and turned to weight lifting to increase muscle mass. As expected, he grew muscles but speculators doubt the authenticity of these muscles.

Carrot Top Steriods

Carrot Top Steroids 

Allegedly, the sudden increase in muscle of the world’s funniest man is as a result of his relationship with steroids. It is speculated that while lifting the weights, the celebrity also engaged in the use of steroids to boost muscle growth at a fast rate. To be fair to the celebrity, many people have grown muscles as a result of weight lifting but such an action takes time. His sudden transformation speaks otherwise. Speculators have joking called his change a transformation from a carrot to a body builder. He has remained silent over these accusations. His silence is highly suggestive of the fact that the rumors may be indeed true. In fact, he has never denied the charges but acts elusively whenever the topic comes up.

Reasons for His Relationship with Steroids  

While women turn to implants to accentuate their feminine curves, body building is considered a masculine trait. With the overwhelming fame he was receiving, he must have felt the need to improve his appearance. Men with masculine bodies are often considered more attractive. Their clothes fit better and they generally look sexier and more pleasing to the eye. The celebrity must have felt the need to make himself more attractive for his fans given that he was often described as having a feminine appearance. His face is somewhat beautiful than handsome in an adorable fashion. With his silence over the allegations, it cannot be clearly established why he had engaged with steroids. Speculators are reduced to guess over the possible reasons of this sudden transformation. However, you cannot rule out the possibility that it had to do with this job and self esteem. Attractive people in show biz tend to have a larger following than the less attractive ones.

Effects of Carrot Top Steroids 

Steroids are an effective means of boosting muscle growth. However, when used without moderation, it can lead to an abnormal muscle growth. Carrot Top had been turned into an extremely large individual, a body builder of the laugh industry. This size was becoming too much for him considering the fact that he has a feminine look. Luckily, he realized this soon enough and started taking steps to reverse the effects of too much steroids. Lately, he has lost an estimated 30 pounds of his muscle mass and he still needs to lose more in order to look like a normal human being. He admitted that he has lost weight deliberately by ceasing weight lifting and focusing on cardio exercises. Cardio is a muscle burning activity that will see him achieve his goal. He even admitted that the excess muscles is not his style.