Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Diane Hall on the 5th of January 1946 in Los Angeles California. She is a talented actress who has used her time in show biz to prove to her fans that she is not just another pretty face but a hardworking and talented beautiful woman. Aside from her acting career, she is also a director, screen writer and producer. She began her acting career on stage and later proceeded to the screen and won herself many television and film roles. She released her acting debut n 1970 after which she went on with her acting role and registered a lot of success. She won an academy award as the best actress after her role in the movie Annie Hall. The actress has endeared her fans with her comic character and outstanding performance in all her movies. Lately, she has become a hot topic among celebrity bloggers. She has joined the list of celebrities though to have benefited from cosmetic surgery.

Diane Keaton Plastic Surgery

Graceful Aging or Plastic Surgery? 

The question on whether or not the star actress has engaged in surgery is one on the mind of everyone who looks at her photos. Clearly, her appearance does not match her age. At the age of 68, the actress is as good and young looking as she was almost ten years ago. She has not only reversed the aging process but it seems like she has managed to stop herself from aging. The veteran actress is described as a woman with tight skin but one that stretches naturally. This is not what is expected of someone who has indulged in surgical procedures. They tend to have a trace of plastic even if it is to a small degree. If she has indulged in the said surgeries, her face does not give her away.

What Does She Have To Say? 

With all the fuss concerning her apparent graceful aging, the star had to come up and defend herself. According to her, she has not indulged in any of the said procedure because she feels she is too old for them. She explains that she grew up in the time when cosmetic surgery was not tolerated by the society and those involved in it were stigmatized. She has nothing against surgery buts he feels like this is not the time for her and the procedures might backfire on her. The thought to accentuate her looks or reverse the aging process via surgery has crossed her mind several times but it seems like she never succumbed to it. She no longer finds pride while looking in the mirror but this is still not reason enough for her to engage in surgery.

Surgery Results 

Despite her constant denials, speculators believe that she has had a mid facelift and a rhinoplasty procedure. All the procedures are thought to have gone well since the celebrity does not look plastic but natural. She has eliminated all the traces of aging without getting rid of her natural appearance a thing that is thought to be commendable. There is still the possibility that the actress could be benefiting from proper skin care tips, anti aging cream and a balance of good diet and extensive exercise regime. These procedures are known to slow down the aging process. Despite the controversies in the reason behind her graceful aging, there is no doubt that she has become popular for her youthful and refreshed looks. With fame as positive hers, her career will continue registering an uptick. Whatever it is that the celebrity is doing to keep young is a secret known only to her and since it works well for her, she should keep it up.