Cameron Diaz Acne

cameron diaz acne

Cameron Diaz Acne Before and After Pictures

Cameron Michelle Diaz, commonly known simply as Cameron Diaz is a famous American actress and model born on August 30th, 1972 in San Diego, California, US. Cameron rose to stardom in the early 90s featuring in widely acclaimed films such as My Best Friend’s Wedding, The Mask, There’s Something about Mary and later on in major box office films such as Bad Teacher, Sex Tape and The Other Woman only to mention a few. She has also played voice roles in the Shrek series and Charlie’s Angels video games. Her roles in these films have credited her worldwide acclaim which have led to her winning major nominations and awards such as Golden Globe Awards, MTV Movie awards, ALMA awards among others. At 43 years, the sexy starlet has been ranked among the richest female celebrities in the world.

Cameron Diaz’s struggle with acne

Acne is a very common skin problem that people struggle with every day, especially during puberty and early 20s. However some people experience it later on in their adult life and it becomes difficult to deal with. And even celebrities like Cameron Diaz who grace our screens are not spared. Although the blue eyed blonde actress has graced the big movie screens for decades now, Cameron has struggled with adult acne for a long time. Perhaps this would not be visible while she is doing her thing on screen due to all the makeup and visual effects but when all the lights and cameras are off, the actress has been spotted on several occasions with a blemished face. This has stirred a lot of speculations on the actress’s health and how she takes care of her skin.

Cameron’s former look

Although the actress’s skin has significantly cleared up over time, she used to have a face full of acne blemishes which showed clearly when she was not behind the cameras. Several pictures on the internet about her acne reveal how her breakout would invade her face especially her cheek area. As it is with every other acne problem, her skin would sometimes look better and at times really bad.

Cameron’s say

The bubbly actress was very much aware of her skin problem and had accepted it. In her book, The Body Book: Feed, Move and Understand and Love your Amazing Body, the actress talks about how she struggled with acne from her teenage years and how it came to be a nightmare in her adulthood. Cameron reveals that her bad skin was a source of embarrassment for her since she had to cover it with loads of makeup while shooting for the big screen. She admits to feeling bad about herself during those times. However, she continues, after trying several treatments in vain, she started focusing on what she was feeding her body other than how it looked outside and this significantly cleared up her skin.

How she got rid of her acne

As mentioned, the star started focusing on what she was feeding her body on the inside rather than what she did with the outside. This helped her a lot as she says her acne started clearing up gradually. Her acne, she says, was her body’s way of telling her to stop eating fast food and to start eating healthy. Realizing this, she started cooking her own food and supplementing with plenty exercises to detox her system and without knowing it, her face was cleared of all acne.