Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery

Cameron Diaz Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Ever since Cameron Diaz stepped onto the screen in The Mask in a stunning figure hugging red dress, blonde hair that would have Rapunzel jealous and juicy red lips she has had our hearts captured. While Cameron is still very beautiful she does look different to what she did a number of years ago and not just because of aging though, she has had a number of cosmetic surgeries.

Cameron Diaz Before And After

Many fans of Cameron Diaz are shocked at what she has done to her face and body in recent years. She is certainly looking different now from that glowing and radiant face we first seen in 1994. Now I know that as we all age we are going to look different to what we did when we were 22 but it is not just aging that has changed Cameron’s looks.

Plastic Surgery Speculations

Some plastic surgeries Cameron Diaz has admitted to having whereas others are speculations based on all the before and after photos. She is by no means the only celebrity who has had plastic surgery nor will she be the last but what has she had done and what does she think now. Is Cameron Diaz happier with her looks after these surgeries?

Nose Surgeries

Cameron Diaz has already admitted to having four rhinoplasty surgeries and said that she had these done because of breathing problems and not vanity. This is quite a common surgery to have for breathing problems but there are actually celebrity gossip websites out there that believe that has had this surgery for other reasons as well as for medical.


A non-invasive surgery that Cameron Diaz had recently admitted to having is Botox. These were rumors that have been going around the celebrity gossip world for quite some time but now Cameron Diaz has come clean about it. Since using Botox you can see from the after photos that her face looks a lot smoother and shinier which is known sign that Botox has been used.


As well as Botox it has been rumored that Cameron Diaz may have also used fillers although she has not yet confirmed this herself. Because of how puffy her cheek area looks, this gives us a strong indication that she has used fillers. Fillers are a great way to smooth out wrinkles on the bottom of the face but too much can lead to a puffy look.

Breast Augmentation

Moving on from Cameron’s lovely friendly face, it is also rumored that she may have undergone breast augmentation. This can be seen in before and after bikini shots of her. It is noticeable that her breasts seem to have gotten slightly larger recently even though weight gain doesn’t seem to have played a part in this.

What Cameron Thinks After Her Botox

Sometime a couple of years ago, Cameron admitted that she regretted ever having Botox and even said she had a bad reaction to it. She has since admitted that she regrets not aging naturally. We think she would have been a real beauty if she had aged naturally but we love her wither way.