Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery: Before and After Nose Job Photos

Catherine Bell Before And After

Going under the knife is something that anyone in their sane mind would avoid at any cost, as it leaves behind some serious medical bills and some horrendous after effects. But even with all its drawbacks, plastic surgery has sort of become the golden rule which every Hollywood actresses has to follow and Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery is perhaps one of the best examples.

In her mid 40’s Catherine still manages to look like as if she is in her twenties and even though she has not come out completely about her plastic surgery endeavors, she is not fooling anyone with her present look. Until unless she has managed to find a miracle face cream which seems to work like magic, it seems that Catherine has undergone more than one surgery on her face to keep her looks intact.

Catherine Bell Plastic Surgery: Before and After Nose Job Photos
It’s understandable to want to keep looking young and fresh when you’re constantly in the spotlight and compared to people half your age, but Catherine Bell didn’t stop with and eye lift or facelift. (Both things that fans might’ve been okay with.)

Catherine Bell Boob Job

If we take a closer look upon her face it seems like baggy eyes and drooping eyelids have managed to make a near complete turn around. I mean anyone in her forties will have them, or at least some signs of aging around her eyes. Her face overall also seems to have done some serious reverse clockwork, I mean how many people in their forties do you know who look like that? Which is why we made up a compelling rap sheet to get behind her knife, so that we can dish out the exact report on her plastic surgery endeavors.

Catherine BellĀ Eye Lift

Eye reconstruction is extremely common in mid aged people who are desperate to dive back to their youthful self, as the eyes are perhaps most affected by age. In case of Catherine Bell it seems that she has managed to regain her youthful eyes with some extensive eye reconstructive surgery.

Catherine BellĀ Botox

The one thing that is essential for anyone and everyone who is on the lookout to crease out those wrinkles and Catherine does not seem to be immune to it either.

Nose & Lips – When it came to nose, Catherine had the best one and it seems it just got better with some rhinoplasty. Noses don’t change, it is like our DNA, remaining constant despite our best efforts. But it looks like Catherine met up with the nose fairy, who made her nose perkier. Yes you heard me right, I did say perkier. Look it up in a dictionary and speaking of noses, any decent nose job is incomplete without a good lip job and Catherine looks like she got an A+ with her lip surgery.

Adding up all the facts, it is impossible to deny that Catherine did not go under the knife to maintain her looks. But you will be the best judge to do some research of your own.