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Surgery Of The Stars: Suspected Lee Min Ho Plastic Surgery

Did he just become better to look at? This is the first question that you will ask when to take a look at Lee Min Ho, in his new avatar. While few plastic surgeries can turn out to be as awful as they can make you look like Frankenstein, there are few plastic jobs done like Lee Min Ho plastic surgery which can truly enhance your looks. Many people are aware of this fact that South Korea is one of the biggest users of plastic surgery, but there is something about men undergoing a knife that comes across as a big no no.

Lee Min

Lee is one of those few celebrities who is not ashamed to admit that he has undergone the knife more than a couple of times to add on to his looks. He admits to having one surgery known as rhinoplasty to help improve the shape of his nose and make is more appealing. He also admits of undergoing a surgery to enhance the way his lips look and match them to his nose, but according to his before and after pictures it looks like that he has undergone few extra surgeries on his face.

Where the Suspicion is?

Unlike American people, Asians have a much smaller and compact face with a well etched detail. Upon the first look of Lee, the main questions that will come to your mind is, why does his eyes look different? Oriental people have small and inset eyes, which was natures way of protecting them from the extreme climatic conditions. But with Lee, it seems like his eyes have become something completely different from when they used to be.

Checking out The Whole Face

Also his whole face comes under scrutiny, which have magically become fuller and the underlying bone structure seems to have completely disappeared. Well out here we would want to that facial bones do not disappear overnight and being of oriental origin, you need to gain at least a hundred pounds to conceal your facial bones. Which does give rise to the question that did he have other surgeries to make him more attractive, or did his face just grow to match his nose.

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