Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Courtney love is an American rock star a member of the Hole band. She has always been known for her fame but not anymore. Her name is no longer carried with her singing talent but with plastic surgery speculations. It is speculated that the star has had her looks transformed through cosmetic procedures carried out on her face. Unfortunately for the star, her plastic surgery procedures earned her the wrong kind of fame. She joined the list of celebrities whose surgical procedures should never have happened. The success of celebrities largely depends on fame. However, only the right type of fame can take a celebrity places. With the wrong kind of fame like Courtney Love botched jobs, the celebrity’s career is bound to suffer. It is sad that Courtney Love choice to go for plastic surgery is one of the worst mistakes she made in her life.

Courtney Love Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries?

Celebrity bloggers have a knack for details. Any slight transformation cannot go unnoticed. Sometimes they have been accused of being over ambitious but this does not deter them from doing what they do best. When Courtney showed with a different face, the number of speculated surgeries were readily released in social media sites. Accompanied by her after photos, there was little doubt that Courtney had finally treaded her natural appearance for a plastic one. The feedbacks on her surgery results have not been pleasing at all. Some of her fans have greatly criticized her for her decision to have the said surgical procedures. Celebrities have surgical procedures to enhance their appearances and generally heighten their sense of self esteem. However, when these procedures go wrong, there is no doubt that their self esteem is crushed especially with the negative remarks from fans and critics. Rhinoplasties, facelift, lip job and filler injections are the speculated Courtney Love plastic surgery.

What Went Wrong With Her Surgeries?

When it comes to rating the success of a surgical procedure, the celebrity must look better than she did before. Additionally, the said surgical procedures should not be obviously plastic since such an occurrence transforms a person’s face into that of a doll. Courtney love is accused of having over indulged in her surgeries as none of her procedures bore positive results. Each one of her procedures is considered too much and unnecessary. The filler injections that were supposed to rid her face off the wrinkles and sagging skin has given her face too tight an appearance. So the singing star cannot celebrate the lack of wrinkles since her extremely tight face can hardly allow her make a smile. The facelift was also overly done and the star’s face looks frozen. She is also accused of going over the roof with the lip fillers. Critics claim that her new set of lips are sensuous but unproportional to the rest of her facial features.

What Does Courtney Love Have To Say?

Courtney Love has openly confirmed the plastic surgery speculations. She has even admitted that the procedures bore unexpected results. She admitted to having had way too many procedures which bore unexpected results and had to turn to more in the hope that she would correct the mess created. Apparently, the strategy was wrong the surgeries she had in the hope of correcting the wrongs were worse off. Courtney did not offer an explanation as to why she decided to indulge in cosmetic surgery. However, some speculators argue that she did so to get over her depression after her husband Kurt Cobain left her. When it comes to celebrity gossip, it is difficult to get t the bottom of any rumors unless you hear the truth from the horse’s mouth. Courtney Love plastic surgery results were a disappointment and it is advisable that the celebrity should seek corrective procedures were possible.