Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Dana Delany is an American actress who has enjoyed a successful career. Her talent was brought to the limelight with her role in Desperate Housewives, a television series that rocked the world. She played the part of Katherine Mayfair and apparently this was not the only reason people were glued on the screen for her. There were speculations that the American beauty was no longer natural. At the age of 55, Delany was speculated to be too young for her age; her skin appeared fresh and rejuvenated. It was speculated that she had had the anti aging surgical procedures to hold onto her youthful looks. Throughout her career she had never been suspected of having had any surgical procedures and so the news of her plastic surgery was a bit controversial in the beginning. However, the star herself cleared the air when she openly revealed to the Prevention magazine that she indeed had gone for the non invasive Botox procedure.

Dana Delany Plastic Surgery

What Does She Say About Her Botox?

Unfortunately for her, she is in the list of celebrity plastic surgery which should never have happened. Dena Delany has always been a beautiful girl and the plastic surgery stole this beauty from her. She went for a procedure in the hope of looking younger and refreshed but the effect was horrible. She admits to having had a botched job. Dana Delany says that she did not know much about Botox until her doctor suggested it to her. The results make you imagine just how much the star regrets having had this procedure. She told the Prevention magazine that she had side effects form Botox injection and really regrets having had it. Clearly the star, prefers the wrinkles to the side effects.

Surgery Results

Women who opt for Botox injection look to reverse the aging process by fighting wrinkles and sagging skin on the face. Botox is injected on their faces and when carefully and economically done, the result is a smooth and shiny layer of rejuvenated facial skin. However, the other side of Botox is scary, despite the most common side effect of immobility of facial muscles; your eyes can also drop. This is a sad fact considering how important the eyes are in defining a person’s appearance. Dana Delay plastic surgery gave her sagging eyes a thing that distorts her original natural beauty. Additionally, she claims that her face is no longer asymmetrical as it were before. For this reason, she said that she had to discontinue her use of Botox injection in order to hold on to whatever natural that was left in her. Most women who use Botox tend to over indulge and sometimes the consequences are too much to bear.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

In Hollywood, a plastic surgery gone bad can also earn celebrities a lot of fame. Dana Delany plastic surgery results have attracted the attention of accredited surgeons. According to Dr. Paul Nassif, the star is suffering from the dropping eyes due to over indulgence in Botox. Since Botox has a direct effect on the facial muscles, over indulgence interferes with the functioning of these muscles. Dr. Michael Salzhauer argues that the dropping eyes effect is not a common occurrence but it results from either over indulgence or when a nerve has been touched. He claims that sometimes when the needle is not handled with care, it may hit a nerve and affect the nerve function causing the dropping effect. Luckily for Dana Delay, this effect can be temporal under the correct medical care. Regular treatment can do away with this effect but if the condition is unattended to, complications may arise. We hope that Dana Delany has sought corrective forms of treatment to help her deal with her unfortunate surgery results.