Dominique Sacahse Plastic Surgery

Dominique Sacahse Plastic Surgery

Dominique Sachse Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She is a renowned channel 2 news anchor. As a news anchor, there is no doubt that she has a pretty face and a body. News anchors are another bunch of celebrities who have to look good for the camera. Their quest for glamour also leads them to seek plastic surgery services like other Hollywood celebrities. Dominique is another anchor who is conscious of her appearance and her consciousness has led her to seek the services of a plastic surgeon. Allegedly, she has altered most of her appearances through surgical procedures. It is speculated that the television anchor’s decision to go under the knife was as a result of her desire to get her sexy side back after realizing that age was catching up with her. She is speculated to having had the usual anti aging procedures and one look accentuating procedure. The transformations on her face are visible upon the comparison of her before and after photos trending all over the internet.

Dominique Sacahse Plastic Surgery

Breast Augmentation

The shape and size of the anchor’s boobs have undergone transformations. She is no longer a small cup woman but a medium cup, a growth attested to implants. Breast augmentation is common among women interested to enhance their feminine curve. As a news anchor, the star is faced with the need to look sexy and she needs to have the proper body proportion. After giving birth, it is natural that she experienced an increase in her breast size. However, after giving breast feeding it is expected that the breast will return back to their normal size. This is what has made speculators adamant on the fact that the celebrity has had implants. Breast size also changes with changes in weight and the star has not experienced any dramatic change in weight. This leaves plastic surgery as the only explanation behind the change in her boob size.


Her nose is thinner, sharper and more refined than it was in her earlier days in the media. Judging from her trending pictures, it can be established that the star has altered the shape and size of her nose but it is not clear whether or plastic surgery is the reason behind this transformation. She could be benefiting from a highly skilled makeup artist. Proper makeup application skills transform facial features; some celebrities claim that a concealer when properly applied on the nasal area can give the impression of a narrow ridged nose. The truth behind these speculations cannot be proved since the celebrity has remained tight lipped regarding the allegations leveled against her. Her silence is taken for consent by some speculators. Until she openly confirms these allegations, the speculations will keep trending unconfirmed.

Botox injections

Filler injections are common among women looking to reverse the aging process. They are non invasive and when administered as per the instructions, the results are amazing. Most celebrities have benefited from this quick fix solution to aging. Her cheeks are firm and full uncharacteristic of a woman of her age. She is thought to have used the dermal fillers to make her cheeks fuller and firmer. Her lips also appear filled; critics describe her lips as too sensual for an aging woman. She has also managed to fight off wrinkles from her face. Her smooth and shiny forehead has made her a gorgeous beauty whose name is carried in most of the social sites. Even though her breast augmentation procedure has been faulted, her facials were carried out to precision. She is still a gorgeous beauty who has earned herself more years in the media for her striking and rejuvenated looks.