Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Samille Diane Friesen on the 4th of January 1937 in Washington State. She has been featured in many American films and television movies and series. She is a director, screen writer and editor, actress and producer. Her first debut was back in 1960 when she was awarded a role in The Rise and Fall of Legs Diamond. She has seen to the growth of her fame in showbiz with her high degree of professionalism, hard work and talent. Most Hollywood actresses do not look forward to retirement and most of them turn to plastic surgery to be able to turn back the effect of time on their appearances. When the veteran actress took the decision to rejuvenate her skin and refresh her looks, there was mixed reactions from her fans. The 77 year old is no longer remembered for her famous role in Pink Panther but for her controversial surgeries.

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

Dyan Cannon Plastic Surgery

The speculations leveled against the celebrity were given birth to when the 77 seven year old actress refused to succumb to old age. At her age, she is considered one of the fresh faced mommies in Hollywood. This is attested to a number of plastic surgeries including a facelift, lip filler, liposuction and cheek fillers. Judging from her dressing, she is one actress who does not want anything to do with old age. She has been spotted in skinny tops and other attire fancied by young women. There is no doubt that the veteran actress is an energetic woman but not everyone seems to appreciate this fact about her. She has been accused of setting the wrong example to young girls and old women alike. Celebrities have always been the trend setters and her choice to reject old age with everything in her has attracted as much criticism as appreciation.


She has been speculated to have had the excess fats sucked out of her system. A typical 76 year old is expected to have the fat deposits in different parts of their bodies due to the slowed rate of metabolism that accompanies old age. However, facts on the ground suggest that Dyan Cannon is not a typical granny; she has afforded extra care in her appearance and has visible traces of fats. Her figure is still slim and she is the envy of her age mates no doubt. Trending on the internet in her mini tops, she is surely a controversial figure who elicits mixed reactions from both her fans and critics at large. Despite the criticism, the liposuction seems to work well for her, her body looks young, refreshed and tight in a manner fancied by youths. The controversial American producer and actress is a good example of a successful liposuction procedure.

The facials

The face is another area that gives away a woman’s age. For this reason, most celebrities are keen on working on their facial appearance to eradicate the tell tale signs of old age. The actress has gone all the way to refresh her face, from a facelift to dermal fillers, she has ensured to leave no traces of old age on her pretty face. Her skin is rejuvenated with no traces of wrinkles giving her a refreshed and vibrant look. Her cheeks are not saggy thanks to dermal fillers. Her lips were not left behind in her quest to look good. Injected with fillers she has a pair of sensuous lips rare to women of her age. Despite the fact that her surgeries have brought about controversial reactions, you cannot afford to commend her for her efforts to look young again.