Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery

elisha cuthbert plastic surgery

Elisha Cuthbert Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Elisha Anne Cuthbert on the 30th of November 1982 in Calagry Albeita. He is the daughter to a house wife mother and an automotive design engineer father. She is a Canadian model and actress. She began her modeling career when she was only nine years old. She modeled for children’s cloth lines. Her first television appearance was when she made an appearance in the horror television show for kids; she got a minor role of an extra. After this, she earned the role of a co host in the television series for kids, Popular Mechanics for Kids. This role increased her popularity a great deal until she landed a role in the widely watched action television series 24. She played the role of Km Bauer. She has acted in many other television and film movies and series.

elisha cuthbert plastic surgery

Plastic Surgery or Good Genes

Elisha Cuthbert is a beautiful woman who has managed to attract the eyes of the whole world. Her stunning appearances have lead to speculations especially considering the fact that some of her features seem different. She has grown prettier and some of her facial features look chiseled out, suggesting the possibility that she has had cosmetic surgery. If the speculations are true, the actress was very bold in her choices. She went for the extremely invasive procedures and luckily for her, all seems to have gone well. There is the possibility that Elisha might have changed so much due to normal changes that accompany the process of maturity but if you look at how fast the changes have occurred, cosmetic surgery seems to be the only sensible cause of her dramatic changes.

Nose Job

Elisha Cuthbert nose job is the most famous of her plastic surgeries. The change on her nose is so obvious that you cannot miss upon the comparison of her pictures. The results were very amazing, trimming down her relatively wide nose to the much sought after narrow ridged elegant nose. Celebrities who have had this procedure performed on them have sometimes hidden behind the makeup explanation. Allegedly, an experienced makeup artist can transform a wide nose to a narrow ridged nose. Whether or not Elisha got her narrow nose in this manner is something you cannot tell since the actress has not given speculators time of day. Despite her silence, the difference in her nose is readily visible and speculators attest this difference to rhinoplasty.

Lip Augmentation

Her lips also look very different. It is assumed that in the process s of altering her appearance, she had some work done on her lips. Unlike most celebrities who seem addicted to the tout prout look, she decided to have the size of her lips reduced. This is not a common trend in Hollywood but the change suits her. Her facial features are small and enlarging her lips would have probably given her a ridiculous look. It is not every day that Hollywood celebrities make her kind of change. But her choice is bold and different as she has not conformed to the usual standards.

Elisha Cuthbert Chin Augmentation

Her chin augmentation procedure has also gotten her famous. As a model and actress, she is obviously conscious of her looks and strives ha to achieve the perfect look. Since angular faces are the new perfect, the celebrity is believed to have had her chin augmentated to transform her face from round to angular shape. She was always a beautiful woman but she looks much prettier with the angular face. Elisha Cuthbert plastic surgery is classified as bold and extremely invasive. Despite this, she is still considered a beautiful woman who has registered so much success in the television industry. She has also appeared in many magazines cover, a clear indication of how pretty she has become. All of her plastic surgeries have definitely worked to her advantage.