Isabelle Dinoire Plastic Surgery

isabelle dinoire plastic surgery

Isabelle Dinoire Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born in the year 1967 in Valenciennes France. She became famous as the first human being to have a facial transplant. She even became more famous when the transplant was a success. Isabelle was famous both in the medical and the secular world. Unlike the obvious reasons behind a surgical procedure, her facial transplant is considered a necessity. Of course done for the obvious reasons of fixing flaws, she was not after fixing the usual flaws but those given to her by her dog. Her Labrador retriever mauled her face in a confusing incident. It is not clear whether or not the dog attacked her while she had overdosed on her sleeping peels or the dog in its desperate attempt to wake her after she fainted mauled her accidentally. The daughter insists on the latter. The dog which is by now euthanized caused her so much misery but luckily, she had the money to help fix this.

isabelle dinoire plastic surgery

Isabelle Dinoire Plastic Surgery

A partial facial transplant is the only of Isabelle Dinoire plastic surgery. Judging from the before pictures trending in the internet, her surgeons did a really good job. Despite the fact that they did not give her her original face back, they managed to make her presentable once again. The Labrador retriever mauled the lower part of her face and this is the only part that was affected by the transplant. This procedure led to the inevitable change in the shape and size of her nose and mouth. This miraculous procedure was performed by Professor Bernard Devauchelle.

Isabelle Facial Transplant

A facial transplant procedure had never been tried in the medical field until in 2005. The procedure involved transfer of tissues from one female to Isabelle. The donor was brain dead and the tissues scrapped off her brain and transferred to the patient’s. The transfer is done after the tissues have been grafted. Basically, it is like Isabelle has part of her face and part of the donor’s face. In order to prevent any complications that would have arisen from the rejection of the new cells, she also had a bone marrow transplant. A whole book has been released covering all the medical details explaining the procedures she had to go through for the operation to be successful. Scary as the procedure may sound, the surgeons who worked on her proved just how developed the field of medicine is.

Surgery results

There are some major changes on her face; this is quite obvious considering that she had to adopt a nose, lips and cheeks of another person. She is basically still pretty faced but the change on her face makes the transplant kind of obvious. Her previous nose was a bit tilted and wide but this has changed to a straight and much narrow nose. The size of her chin has also undergone a reduction. In her previous pictures, her chin was among the most outstanding of her facial features. It was evidently prominent. Since her lips were also mauled and had to be affected by the transplant, there is a dramatic change in their shape and size. The lips appear bigger and fuller. These changes may not work best for her but they are definitely better than what the world expected.

What Isabelle Has To Say

She is obviously relieved that she has regained the ability to smile gain. When she reported that she was feeling normal again and that her face feel alive, it was an obvious relieve not only for her but for everyone following her case. She admits that it wasn’t easy for her in the beginning since she had to deal with having to live with someone else’s face. She has now adapted to her new look and she is grateful for what science has helped her achieve. She is definitely the first and successful human facial transplant patient.