Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Jennifer Eve Garth, also known as Jennie on the 3rd of April 1972 in Illinois at the town of Urbana. She comes from a family of seven kids and is the last born daughter of John Garth and Carolyn Garth. She is an American film director and actress. She became famous after playing the role of Kelly Taylor in the 90210 Franchise. She is one of the successful faces of Hollywood who has her own reality television show running: Jennie Garth: A Little Bit Country. She was introduced into the world of entertainment by Randy James who discovered her in a local talent competition. Prior to this, she was a model and was also taking dancing classes. She has established herself in the industry and has become one of the most successful actresses. At the age of 42, she is being followed by cosmetic surgery speculations on the claim that she is reversing the ageing process.

Jennie Garth Plastic Surgery

Jennie Garth Facelift and Botox

Jennie’s face is smooth and flawless despite her age. This is believed to be due to her relationship with Botox. When asked about this, she admitted to having tried the procedure once but claims to have stopped because she was too uncomfortable. However, her face suggests otherwise. It seems like she did not stop her relationship with Botox and in fact may have had too much of it. She is no longer the same, her pretty features are intact but her face has a frozen appearance. This has led to additional facelift speculations. Although Botox is non invasive and a simple solution to ageing, it is not always that a celerity gets to enjoy the positive side of this procedure.

Eye and Nose Job

It has also been claimed that the stunning actress has had her eye bags removed trough surgery. Most eyelid procedures go well but Jennie is unfortunate that hers did not deliver positive results. She has been criticized for overdoing it and this is obviously the shady work of her surgeons. Her eyes look unnaturally big and do not auger well with the rest of her facial features. She has eliminated the eye bags but has not done her pretty face any justice. There are those who believe that her nose looks a bit different and there is the possibility of a reduction rhinoplasty. The nose job is not so obvious but you can decide for yourself after looking at her current photos and compare them to those of her before the surgery.

What the Actress Has To Say

She has admitted to having only tried Botox once and given up when she realized that the procedure was too much for her. Even when she is faced with accusations of having frozen her face, she has not admitted to any of the other surgeries. She claims that her healthy living habits which include not smoking and regular use of sunscreen lotion have helped her maintain a youthful and wrinkle free skin. Her thought on surgery are basically plain since she does not judge those who have indulged but at the same time claims that her face is not cutlery and cannot be subjected to nips and tucks. This however does not rule out the possibility that the speculations are true since she has once admitted to having used Botox.

Surgery Results

When her face failed to show the signs of ageing, most people thought this was a good thing until she overdid the procedures and started losing her natural beauty. Calling her unrecognizable is obviously and overstatement but she has changed a lot. A face without expression is not a pleasing site and the actress is unfortunate enough to have to deal with this reality. Staying off Botox will be a good idea for the pretty face celebrity since she will start to look natural once again. Luckily for her, none of her attractive facial features have been mauled by surgery.