Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery

Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Jodie Sweetin on the 19t of June 1982 in Los Angeles California. She is known for her beautiful baby face and her great acting talent. She has also been associated with drug abuse, a thing she came clean about and shared with her fans. She is a renowned television personality and both television and film actress. As a television personality, she is remembered for being the host of the Pants – Off- Dance –Off show. She has been featured in many movies and series but her most famous role is that of Stephanie Tanner. She took upon this role in Full House: A widely watched television Sitcom. She is also remembered for her film debut Valerie in which she took up the role of Pamela. She is another of Hollywood celebrities who is believed to have engaged in look enhancing procedures.

1Jodie Sweetin Plastic Surgery

Jodie-Sweetin kid before

According to rumors, the actress has greatly benefited from surgical procedures not only to enhance her looks but to mend the physical damage caused by her addiction to drugs. Some speculate about that the change on her boob size and her flawless face are the result of quite a few procedures. This does not come as a surprise given that she has the money and the motif to enable a surgical procedure. She has had a difficult time in her career due to her addiction and her coming back clean could have been incomplete without a few retouches in her physique. Although there is no official confirmation from her, the sudden changes associated with her and her flawless appearance after months of drug abuse seem to be enough proof

2Boob Job, Breast implant speculations

Jodie Sweetin before nose job

Allegedly, a breast implant procedure is among the Jodie Sweetin plastic surgery adventures. If you look at her pictures trending on social media sites, you cannot miss the voluptuous boobs. It is a wide believe that she had her cups increased probably to match her heavy build. There is also the possibility that she had them enhanced just to fit in Hollywood’s, current trend. The reason does not matter much since critics are interested in the end results. Her sudden change in boob size is what fueled the speculations further as it is common sense that boobs do not grow overnight.

3Jodie Speaks on her Drug Addiction

Jodie Sweetin before breast enhancement

The actress has come clean about her drug problem and has gone deep to explain how this affected the quality of life she led. The now clean Jodie has admitted that she lived a life of lies where she had to give a speech to college children urging them to stay off drugs when she herself was high. It is a good thing that she is over that now and the physical effects of the drugs have been dealt with cosmetic surgery. She has admitted t having lost five teeth to the drugs. Thanks to the dental procedures she benefited from, the actress can now smile without any problem. It is also believed that her flawless looking facial skin could be as a result of laser treatment. Being a light skinned woman, she responds better to laser which must have removed any of the blemishes associated with drug use.


4Surgery Results

you cannot argue that the actress owes her second chance as a celebrity to cosmetic surgery. Celebrities are not only about talent but also about presentation. Luckily for her, her choices at surgery were on point and it seems like she also benefited from good surgeons too. She is still the same amazing and awesome looking celebrity she was when she was still young in the industry. Celebrities are faced with many scandals and drug abuse is among the shared scandals. Her choice to stay clean and work on her appearance has brought order back to her life and made her a darling to her fans.

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