Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery

Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

He was born on the 27th of March 1970 in Los Angeles California in the United States. She had always been interested in the entertainment world as evidenced by her courses. She graduated from Booker T Washington in Performing and Visual Arts. Like most celebrities, her career was brought to the limelight after her iconic performance. After playing the role of Juliet Burke in the famous television series Lost, she became one of the hottest Hollywood celebrities. Lately, her name has been associated with cosmetic surgery. Speculations in the air are concerned with the sudden transformation in her face. The star has been seen walking around with an elegant pair of nose which has transformed her whole face. She is not the first of Hollywood celebrity to be associated with a cosmetic transformation. Despite her silence over the circulating speculations, celebrity gossip columns are still on her case.


Elizabeth Mitchell Nose Job

Rhinoplasty is among the trending of Elizabeth Mitchell plastic surgery. A comparison of her before and after photos show the difference in her nose. However, it is not clear whether or not it is as a result of rhinoplasty or makeup well applied. Makeup artists are among the highest paid people in show biz due to their high level of professionalism. Many celebrities have benefited from these skills with some managing to enjoy a temporal transformation of their not so perfect features. However, when it comes to Elizabeth’s nose, most speculators are not convinced that the alteration is temporal. According to critics, she has had her nose altered by plastic surgeons. As opposed to her relatively fat and wide ridged nose, her trending pictures reveal a pretty faced woman with a long narrow nose. Nose jobs are common among women seeking to alter their looks. With the right size and shape of nose, women have managed to transform their faces into Hollywood faces.

What Do Critics Have To Say?

There are controversial views regarding the actresses’ nose job. Some critics think that she looks better with her new nose while others are of the idea that her new nose does not suit her. The actress has remained tight lipped over these speculations making it difficult to obtain a personal opinion of her surgery results. As much as you cannot completely classify her surgery as a botched job, it is an undeniable fact that her nose does not auger well with the shape and size of her face. According to Dr. Paul Nassif, the actresses’ face has been distorted by her nose which appears unnaturally straight. He goes ahead to say that the nose job was properly carried out but the surgeon missed on proportions. Despite these negative remarks, there is a percentage of critics who love Elizabeth transformations.


Was Elizabeth Mitchell Plastic Surgery Necessary?

Most of celebrity changes are termed as inevitable given that celebrities are under constant pressure to fit into the Hollywood ideals. Fans are also notorious for placing unreasonable expectations upon celebrities making plastic surgery an inevitable path for most of them. With this in mind, it is clear that the sassy actress had no other option but to turn to surgery to have her nose fixed. Despite the controversial results, she has won herself a great deal of fame and her career has benefited from it. In showbiz, fame is the only way to register success and uptick in one’s career and the star is lucky to have managed to bring fame her way. Even with the claimed lack of proportion in her facial feature, there is no doubt that the actress looks better in her after than before photos defining the essence of cosmetic surgery.