Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Katie Irene Gosselin was born on 28th of March 1975 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania. She is an American television personality who has gained fame at both the national and international level. The Jon and Katie Plus 8 Show profiled her and her husband raising their twins and sextuplets. She is a trained and registered nurse who has also worked the labour and delivery section. When the sextuplets joined the family, the need to renovate and expand the house was created and this is when they were first featured in the NBC reality television show Home Delivery. With all the attention that is going her way, she grew conscious of her looks and felt the need to have them accentuated. According to speculators, the sexy Kate has turned to cosmetic surgery to eradicate all the effects of pregnancy and child birth. She has undergone a radical change in her appearance and has also refused to succumb to old age.

Kate Gosselin Plastic Surgery

What Do Critics Have To Say? 

Wither profile, she is bound to attract the attention of critics from all over the world. Many critics are convinced that the star is not a natural beauty with different of them offering varying surgeries she might have benefited from. According to Dr. Ashkan, her face suggests the use of Botox. This is not only based on the fact that she has a wrinkle free face but also on her lowered brow which is an effect of Botox. On the other hand, Dr. Steven Fallek’s opinion is that the star celebrity has benefited from both face and neck lift. He goes ahead to explain that the sharp angles and pronounced jaw line are not as a result of a facial reconstructing procedure as many may assume but due to the face lift. He observes that the consistency in her face and neck is due to the fact that she also had a neck lift.

Other surgeries

Her smooth and shinny face is not only as a result of Botox, this is an opinion most surgeons are in agreement with. Allegedly, she is also benefiting from facial fillers. The fillers are not from the usual restylene and juverderm but fat transfer procedures that harvest fat from one part of her body to deposit it on her face. She has also invested in laser treatments as evidenced by her tight skin. The celebrity who has not let the world in on the secret to her graceful aging has remained tight lipped over the allegations leveled against her. Her silence does not help much since the word is more convinced that she is not the type to shun cosmetic surgery. Surely, there is more to the radical changes on her face than diet, makeup and exercise.

Nose Job and Liposuction 

Aside from the skin rejuvenating procedure, she is also thought to have had her nose chiseled out. The nose job speculations are supported by five surgeons who claim that the star now has a long and narrow nose as opposed to her wide nose. This change in the shape and size of her nose looks permanent as in the work of a skilled surgeon and not make up. The liposuction procedure is not a secret. She had herself filmed while getting a tummy tuck. Kate Gosselin plastic surgery is a hot topic trending in the media. The fuss surrounding her young and pretty looks even in her old age is a thing to be proud of. She has endured many surgical procedures but has managed to maintain her natural appearance. the petty faced Kate is an example of a successful mommy makeover.