Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Elsa Pataky is formally known as Elsa Lafuente Medianu. She is a Spanish actress and producer born on the 18th of July, 1976. She is a wife to the actor Chris Hemsworth. She featured in the great movie the Fast And Furious 6 as the tough cop. She was formerly a model before she joined acting. She gave birth to twin babies earlier this year. She is approaching 40 yet she looks like a 20 year old. This is a property that is attributed to plastic surgery. With her dreams of being successful in her acting career, plastic surgery had to be adopted. She has to compete with upcoming young artistes with nice body shapes. This is what probably resulted to her going for a nose job.

Elsa Pataky Plastic Surgery


Elsa Pataky plastic surgery

Celebrity watchers tracked her last year having dinner with her daughter. Surprisingly without make up she looked amazing. Putting this into consideration, people still talked about the number of cosmetic enhancements she has had. However looking at her pictures, one can notice a lot of difference in them. It is not just her short hair but her cheeks, jaw, and nose look rather different. Her nose appears narrower and more refined than before. These are the features of the rhinoplasty surgery.

Cheek surgery

Cheek surgery is rumored to be an example of Elsa Pataky plastic surgery. Comparing her photos, her cheeks appear well defined and puffy. This shows that Elsa Pataky has or is undergoing filler injection in her cheeks. Her previous photos showed subtle cheeks. Her always shiny skin also appears to have been enhanced in a way. It shows a sign of unusual make up or use of Botox.

Liposuction plastic surgery

Liposuction plastic surgery is another one of Elsa Pataky plastic surgery. This surgery removes or hides excess fat which is brought about by pregnancy. She gave birth to twins early this year. Being in the position she is, she had to get her previous body back. What better way to do that than to have Liposuction surgery performed? Confirmation from the actress however has not been heard. The facts are still unknown but that cannot keep celebrity watchers from talking.

Other Elsa Pataky plastic surgery

Elsa Pataky plastic surgery also include an eyelid surgery. It is clearer once her photos are viewed keenly and compared. A keen observer can surely see a certain change in her past and recent photos.

Elsa Pataky is also rumored to have breast augmentation. This is the resizing of breasts to suit one’s desires. It is clear in her photos that there is a significant increase in the size of her breasts.

Elsa Pataky’s comments

It is natural and a day to day thing for celebrities to deny any involvement in plastic surgeries. Elsa Pataky denies any form of surgery done to enhance her physical appearance. She added to say on Showbiz magazines that her appearance is contributed by her regular exercises and her healthy lifestyle.

Her fans however do not have any opposition to her new looks. She has all that a lady would wish for. A good and handsome husband, a great career and family. Most people across the world say that her new nose is better than before. They say that her new nose works out well with the rest of her body features.

Being on the face of many articles and public screens brings a lot of pressure. One has to ensure that they stay stunning and appealing to the cameras. Elsa Pataky was previously a model before she became an actor. All through her life she has had to ensure that she is always gorgeous. This has made her rise in fame improving her career. It is clear that Elsa Pataky’s appearance is much more stunning and better as compared to before. Who wouldn’t want to achieve their greatest goals with the help of an enhancement?