Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Have anyone of the readers watched the famous television series “16 and Mom” or the “Teen Mom”? Yeah, right she is the prominent actress Farrah Abraham playing the lead role in the series. She is an American television personality, author, musician and a pornographic actress who was brought up in Council Bluffs, Lowa. She is presently 23 by age. Seems young, right? She’s got pregnant when she was sixteen, has a daughter ,and her baby’s daddy i.e. Derek Underwood was tragically killed in a car accident two months before she gave birth to her baby daughter Sophia. Now, she has again become the hot gossip of Planet Hollywood… not for her acting skills but for something else! Now, coming to the vital question… how much she is successful in changing her looks is a burning issue to debate on for hours.

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery

Farrah Abraham Plastic Surgery- A Disaster

A lot rumours about Farrah’s plastic surgeries are rushing in the Tinsel Town. They say it’s the lip surgery and some other say it’s the nose, the chin or the forehead. It may be all of them too. Farrah of Backdoor Teen Mom is gradually or seems to be turning into Kim Kardashian. Not being offensive but, noticing carefully, the plastic surgeries undergone by Farrah are less likely to be improving her attractiveness than in other actresses.

Having gone through with these many implants, her facial looks are being drastically changing.

Newly Included Plastic Stuffs in the List And Their Impact

There have been rumours on her taking lip injections, which are much likely to be true as seen in her selfie pose picture posted on her twitter account last week.

She has got done through a breast augmentation spending $8000. Just after that she spent $21000 in her chin implant, later a nose augmentation last year. And after that once again she has been getting a breast surgery again in order to increase her breast size or actually say the cup size from a C cup to D cup.

Farrah’s Opinion About Her Boob Jobs

She herself says she doesn’t want her boobs to be looking some of those like of porn star rather want to look natural. Hence, finally she is landing in something positive after many days to bring her natural look back. It is appreciating.

Farrah: After Getting Her Chin Implants Removed

Farrah is found to be really happy with her new look as said before and she has posted a selfie picture of her on twitter with the tag #selfie_wednessday happy timeJ. She finds her herself to be a little more enhanced by having the chin implant removed. Farrah’s chin implant was done by Dr Michael Salzhauer, not really doing a good job. Supposedly Farrah has never been so comfortable with her chin implant, even today she regrets it. At an interview, Farrah has said that the implant was actually made to balance up her face and basically she does not want to hate anything on her face as she clearly says “I feel gorgeous.”

Farrah Abraham has been a struggling woman as being just a single mother with a four year old kid. She is brilliantly trying to cope up with motherly hood. Farrah herself is launching her own sex toy range soon, may be this January. Farrah is also started her book about the Adult Film Industry. Such a lady with her spirits must be praised. Just one suggestion… Farrah stop experimenting and bring the natural look back!