Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery

Giuliana Rancic Plastic Surgery Before and After Pictures

Celebrities always have a life to life that involves too much publicity, fame and a world stage where they always want to remain in the limelight thorough their life. They therefore always try hard to make themselves look smart and adorable at all times through expensive procedures such as plastic surgery. Giuliana Rancic plastic surgery is a perfect example of a celebrity who has gone to the extremes of going for expensive as well as risky plastic surgery procedures to improve her looks. She has been hitting the media as rumors continue to be speculated and this indicates that she has so much changed many of her body parts including boobs, lips, nose and face.

Before and After Photos and Speculations

A look at Giuliana Rancic recent pictures indicates a lot of changes that have happened within a short period of time. Through these pictures, you can tell that she has tried all other possible methods to look smart and elegant and thus she has been trying hard to look smart and gorgeous. Rumors has it that she had earlier on in life gone for a mastectomy and this did not go unnoticed as the media is always speculative to tell the changes as they can easily be seen. She has so far gone for lip augmentation, Botox, breast implants and nose job which have given her a lot of changes. Though she feels more confident in her new looks, many of her fans continue to argue that she is taking the beauty process to other extremes and this could make her lose her reputation as the procedures may even be risky and affect her in her career.

A Great Youthful Look Due to Botox Procedure

Giuliana Rancic plastic surgery continues to be a topic that many cannot stop to talking about, she has been able to concentrate much on her looks and beautiful. A Botox procedure that she underwent sometime back gave her a great look and she looks quite different as compared to her previous pictures. The Botox procedure was successfully done to give her a toned facial skin that also helped her to eradicate some wrinkles on her face. She now has a youthful looks due to the Botox and some great laugh lines that clearly showcases her smart smile. You can hardly tell when she is frowning.

Lip Augmentation and Breast Implants

A look at Giuliana Rancic previous photos indicates her looks before going for lip augmentation procedure. She went for a lip enhancement procedure and it shows her lips today are more plumped, thicker and well filled. Some people even speculated that she may have injected collagen to make them swollen. She maintains the fact that she is okay with her looks any time when asked about the changes. Rumors has it that she even went for boob job surgery so that she could have a perfect fuller breast size. However, the truth is that her bra size is as a result of undergoing mastectomy to treat cancer.

Nose Job Speculations

Whether Juliana had a nose job or not, her nose looks perfect and looks natural and matches her face. The ones who speculate she had a surgery suggest she used to have a bulbous nose and it was wide in the ala area but now her nasal bridge is less high.