Greta Van Susteren Before and after

Greta Van Susteren Before and after

Greta Van Susteren Before and after Pictures

They were not just rumors because Greta Van Susteren picked the same line at some point. Keen tabloid editors had followed many details about her life and settled on the story of plastic surgery as the best of them all. Indeed, the celebrity life was rife with stories of Greta’s plastic enhancements. All the world needed was for the celebrity to step up and admit or refute. With candid honesty, she admitted. She also gave some good reasons behind the decision. She was tired of living with black bags in her eyes. She wanted to look good and glamorous. When time, resources, and logistics met, she went for the procedure. It did not take much time for the entire universe to know. She was expecting a switch of careers and thought that some change of image could go alongside. Many think it was good decision. Some do not.

Greta Van Susteren Before and after

Greta Van Susteren Before and After

Celebrity observers have been on Greta Van Susteren’s case for some while. As usual, Hollywood’s celebrity analysts never speak with a single voice. There are as many views on Greta’s enhancements as there are people in the vast gossip universe. Some believe she made a timely decision. Other people think there was absolutely no reason to change the appearance of her face. Greta’s before photos show that she looked very different from what the most recent photos show. The early photos show that her eyes were awkwardly defined and lacked the flourish they later came to acquire. She had some great looks but not greater like the ones she displays on the television screen today. Her recent photos show that Greta managed to transform her eyes in ways that fitted her perfectly to her newly acquired role on Fox News Channel. Some analysts believe that the change brought a lot of good on the gifted celebrity. Others are of the view that she transformed her image to such a great extent that took away part of her original identity.

Why Speculators Believe that Greta did Not Stop with the Eye Lift

There is enough evidence to show that Greta’s eye lift did a lot to improve her looks. However, many analysts think that the changes were achieved by some other enhancements as well. Some believe very firmly that Greta sought some Botox treatments to achieve a perfect face. Effective use of Botox makes people’s skin to appear plumper and well defined. Celebrity watchers have argued that Greta’s face looks very different when compared to its past appearance. She looks younger and more beautiful. Some experts consider such changes as the evidence of the effective use of Botox. Others believe that she only understands the art of cosmetics a little more deeply than the average woman. On the other hand, Greta’s supporters hold the view that many of these changes came because of the effective use of skin moisturizers and other healthy products. Those who argue in this dimension insist that the modern world of cosmetics has invented multiple solutions that work like plastic surgery. In fact, others hold that plastic surgery is needless for a woman who lives a healthy life and understands the art of creative application of makeup.

What Greta’s Case Say About Celebrity Pressure

The list of television celebrities who have gone under the knife for the sake of their careers is simply numbing. The pressure to transform comes from within and the external environment. Like any other career, the prospects of growth are dependent on multiple factors including appearances. All television celebrities understand that their positions are always in danger whenever a better looking person shows up on the scene. As such, they find themselves under unrelenting pressure to mend every defective part on their body in order to please their employers. The grapevine is also very acerbic in its reviews. Some celebrities have admitted that they were forced to seek the surgeon’s blade after harsh criticism from bloggers. It is a tough world out there.