Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Emily Procter is the American celebrity who became extremely famous back in the 2000’s after her role as Ainsley Hayce in the widely watched drama In the West Wing Drama. With a beauty and talent like hers, there is no doubt that many will be interested in any news about her. Celebrities are brought to the limelight even for the minutest of details. In Hollywood, however, the concern is shifting from affairs and other scandals to who is natural and who is a plastic. It has been speculated that pretty faced Emily Procter is no longer a natural. Her accentuated beauty is deemed to be as a result of plastic surgery. Celebrity bloggers and other speculators have been accused of victimizing celebrities untouched by the surgeon’s knife. However, the blame cannot be entirely placed on these bloggers given that Hollywood celebrities have turned plastic surgery into a norm.

Emily Procter Plastic Surgery

What Are Her Surgeries ?

Plastic surgery speculations can only be proven when the celebrity in question openly affirms them. Without this, the truth in the speculations are only reduced to a matter of opinion gathered after the comparison of the before and after photos that are always trending on the internet. Emily Procter plastic surgery allegations lie unconfirmed by the star who has made the choice of remaining tight lipped. The trending speculations are focused on the fact that the celebrity is not aging as expected and that she seems to have undergone transformations that are not normal at her age. It is speculated that she has had a total of four surgeries namely: dermal filers, breast augmentation, brow lift and rhinoplasty. Clearly, she is a woman in quest of beauty since most of her surgical procedures aim at enhancing looks. Emily Procter is known for her sophisticated taste in clothes and the choices of surgery do not come as a surprise.

The Surgeries

Speculators claim that the change in the shape and size of Emily’s bust size are suggestive of an implant. Silicone implants do not only increase the bust size but also give a woman a dense and firm pair of breasts to be proud of. Given that this change in shape and size of her breasts occurred during her pregnancy, there are those who claimed that this change could be attested to pregnancy. Some critics also argue that the star’s brow has undergone a dramatic change. Opposed to her previous set, her brows are now more ached, giving her the mysterious sexy look. The narrow ridged nose in her after photos is also not thought to be as a result of makeup but rhinoplasty. The dermal fillers are the last of her plastic surgeries, she is thought to having had her face injected with Botox to eliminate the wrinkles and her lips filled for the sensuous look.

Surgery Results

Plastic surgery is always a gamble. Despite the fact that both the surgeon and the patient expect the best of results, there is usually no guarantee that they would have their wishes granted. Emily Procter plastic surgery is thought to be among the plastic surgery procedures that should never have happened. A successful plastic surgery transforms one’s look without riding their appearances the entire natural in them. Despite the fact that the rhinoplasty and brow lift procedures were successfully carried out, the star seems to have lost the natural in her. Her face has been compared to that of a plastic baby doll. It is not clear what went wrong with her surgeries but the results are not pleasing at all. Emily should not indulge in any more surgeries since the first set have not had any promising results.