Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

If you were of the assumption that only Hollywood celebrities seek to accentuate their looks, there is no doubt that you were greatly mistake. Other television personalities are also interested looking good for the camera. Greta Van Susteren is a renowned American legal analyst. Greta is a highly sought after analyst who saw to the war of two giant television networks in America. She was initially working for the CNN but is now working for the Fox News. Her salary is rated at nearly one million dollars per year. Clearly, the American beauty is a talented professional to be paid this amount of money. Her career was brought to the limelight while she was still working for CNN during the trial of OJ Simpson. At the age of sixty, Greta can comfortably open her eyes wide enough and there are no traces of eye bags around them. This has been attributed to plastic surgery.

Greta Van Susteren Plastic Surgery

Greta Van Susteren Admits to Having Had an Eyelift

An eye lift is the only speculated Great Van Susteren plastic surgery. She publicly admitted to having had the eye bags removed from her eyes. Appearances are vital for any television personality. Additionally, her line of work involves interacting with the audience and the eyes become an important tool for communication. When the eyes are closed, communication is slightly hindered since it becomes difficult to achieve eye contact leave alone reading one’s expression. She explains that an eyelift basically involves an eye tuck. Luckily for her the surgery was extremely successful and her eyes look naturally open. The plastic surgery speculations can only be gathered from the fact that she is a sixty year old with open eyes. A comparison of her before and after photos also show the difference in the legal analyst’s eye.

Why Did Greta Susteren Have An Eye lift?

Hollywood celebrities turn to plastic surgery mostly to accentuate their looks. When it comes to a television personality: a legal analyst for that matter it becomes difficult to assume that she had the surgery to accentuate her looks. With her line of work, brains seem far more important than looks. According to her, she simply had the surgery because she was tired of the eye bags. However, speculators feel that this is not enough reason; they argue that the star must have had the procedures in relation to her new job at Fox News. Greta Susteren got to work for fox news after a strong bidding match between his company and CNN. This even explains her high salary. It is due to this that speculators argue that Greta must have been forced to work on her image before taking on her new job. However, these are mere speculations and only Greta knows the reason behind her eyelift.

Results of Greta Van Susteren Plastic surgery

If you look at her after pictures, you will surely agree that the eyelift procedure was a great success. Even with her open eyes, Greta looks prettier than when her eyes where half closed by the bags of fat. Her accentuated appearance coupled with her legal brains will surely take her a notch higher in her career. The essence of plastic surgery is not only to improve appearance but to also heighten the sense of self esteem. Greta Van Susteren plastic surgery must have been handled by a professional. The results say it all. She still enjoys a huge following especially from those interested in legal matters. The giant legal analysts knew what she needed to do to improve her appearance. However, she should take care not to hit over the roof in case she may need other procedures.