Heidi Montag Boob Job

heidi montag boob job

Heidi Montag Boob Job – Before and After Pictures

It can be safely said that Heidi Montag is among the queens of plastic surgery in Hollywood. She shocked the world when she openly revealed that she had had a total of ten plastic surgery procedures most of which were not successful. She blames the botched jobs for ruining her career. It is amazing how most celebrities like to pass the blame to the procedures or the surgeon. Very few of them take responsibility of the fact that they are equally to be blame for attempting to alter their natural looks. Heidi can be termed over ambitious, ten surgical procedures is not a joke bearing in mind that the probability of having a successful procedure depends on the too little equals better results rule. Most of her surgical procedures did not bear positive results. However, of all these procedures, it is her boob job results that have received the greatest and worst kind of criticism.

Heidi Montag Boob Job

Heidi Montag Breast Transformation

Heidi Montag’s breast size is as dramatic as her acting career. She is an American actress blessed with killer looks; however, she went down the wrong lane and jeopardized her career. Initially, she was known for her A cups which were considered okay for her height and body size. However, the star must have felt that she could do better with a slightly larger cup size. She went for another surgical procedure and left the surgeon’s clinic with an outstanding DDD boobs. No one can possibly argue against the idea that the American beauty went over the roof with her implants. Heidi Montag boob job has earned her the wrong kind of fame in Hollywood. Not only has she joined the list of the worst surgical procedures but she is also rated as one of the celebrities with the worst breasts.

Just What Is Wrong With Her Boobs?

A woman’s shape is determined by the size of her boobs. Despite the fact that Heidi’s boobs are huge and firm, they are disproportional to the curve of her hips and general size of her body. When she stands, her breasts take up most of her frontal area interfering with her feminine curve. The triple D cups are no match for her and they make her appear shapeless. If you look at her before and after photos, you will with no doubt love her in her A cups. After a breast augmentation procedure, clothes are supposed to fit better and the celebrity should enjoy a new sense of self worth. However, her clothes fit worse and it is doubted that she feels great this way. Additionally, the feedback associated with her breasts is all negative and such comments must have a profound effect on her self esteem.

What Does Heidi Montag Have to Say?

When she released the list of ten surgeries he had had, the star was extremely remorseful that she had done this amount of damage to herself and her career. She was also regretful of her boob jobs. It was expected that after her regrets, she would have considered going for a reduction procedure. Much has been said about Heidi Montag boob job but these words cannot reverse the procedure until the celebrity herself decides to visit the surgeon one more time. From her remorse, it can be gathered that the star has decided no more surgeries for her. However, she should consider a reduction procedure since it will help her body frame a great deal. She can have the implants reduced or she may have them completely removed. After all, nothing was wrong with her A cups.