Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

When the art of plastic surgery was introduced, it was intended for improving appearances and fixing natural faults. However, not every plastic surgery procedure fulfils this goal. Botched jobs are part of the other side of cosmetic surgery. Celebrities earn all kinds of fame in Hollywood even those with botched jobs are reversed for a special ranking list. For Glenn Close, her choice to go for plastic surgery must have been one of her life’s worst mistakes. The star lost in her gamble and speculators claim that she over indulgence in most of her surgical procedures. As an old woman, Glenn who is widely known for her role in 101 Dalmatians Series must have desperately wanted to hang onto her youthful looks. The star’s attempt to reverse old age has been noted by the keen eyes of speculators and celebrity bloggers. Rumor has it that Glenn close has had a total of four surgical procedures.

Glenn Close Plastic Surgery

Facelift and Botox 

It is speculated that Glenn Close plastic surgery includes a facelift and a Botox. If you look at Glenn’s after photos, you will not miss the smooth tight skin that covers her face. Facelifts are good at managing wrinkles as they smoothen out the folded skin and leave the tightening effect. However, like most other surgeries, a facelift needs to be lightly done. However, Glenn’s facelift is faulted as having been overly done. Her face looks unnatural as the too tight skin has made her face look frozen. Botox is always combined with a facelift. This combination is usually effective since Botox is another anti aging facial procedure that smoothens out wrinkles and leaves a shinny facial effect. Too much Botox is also as ineffective as too much facelift. Botox leads to the immobilization of facial muscles. Glenn Close unnatural appearance is also speculated to be as a result of too much Botox. Her face is smooth shinny and wrinkle free but unnatural.

Rhinoplasty and Facial Fillers 

Rhinoplasty is a common type of cosmetic surgery for women after the perfect facial appearance. In Hollywood, being a sex symbol sales and birth young and old women are crazy for the killer features. A narrow ridged nose is what most these women die for. For the not naturally endowed like Glenn Close, a rhinoplasty comes as the answer or their prayers. At lease for her the rhinoplasty results were amazing. Some celebrities are so unlucky that all their surgeries go wrong. Without the extremely tight face, this acting sensation could look much better with her elegant nose. It is further speculate that her cheeks are stuffed with fillers. According to criticism, her non sagging cheeks are not natural. The cheek fillers were not properly done at all and the effect is that the star looks more plastic.

What Critics Have To Say? 

Plastic surgery is gradually becoming a Hollywood norm and it can therefore earn celebrities fame. Except that it can earn one the wrong kind of fame. Glenn close earned herself the wrong kind of fame since unfortunately for her; she is in Hollywood’s list of plastic surgeries that should not have happened. According to Dr. Michael Salzhauer, despite the fact that the star looks too young for her original age, she looks unnatural. He adds that that kind of look suggests too much Botox. Dr. Paul Nassif, a renowned plastic surge confirms the rhinoplasty speculations and adds that this is not the only of Glenn Close plastic surgery. He however appreciates the results of the rhinoplasty but does not appreciate the rest of the results. Glenn Close should stay away from any more of the facelifts and Botox since her face cannot bare these procedures any longer.