Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery

Heather Locklear plastic surgery

Heather Locklear Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

Surgeon’s scalpel does not spare any beauty these days. Both young and old celebrities from fashion and film world keep tabs on plastic surgeons. Fans of yesteryear actors such as Heather Locklear have noticed a marked difference between how the lady looked a couple of years ago and now. Heather Locklear is one of those women who are naturally endowed with chiseled beauty. So it is indeed surprising that she should have considered plastic surgery. But it is the end result that counts. Fans are certainly not disappointed with those. Many people claim that she looks about 15 to 20 years younger now than she did before, and that cannot be achieved without the help of some plastic surgery.

Heather Locklear plastic surgery

Conspicuous differences

For starters the creases on her forehead have diminished considerably. Heather Locklear does have a prominent forehead. Forehead lines, which are tell tale signs of aging arrived on time even in her case. Remember she is almost 53 years old, so absence of such lines does raise questions. As of now, none of those branded make up kits can conceal those lines as efficiently as she is doing. It is true that there are plenty of agents and cosmetics available now than they were in the past. But it is also true that if those reagents and concoctions were that effective, none of her contemporaries would have those frown lines crinkling up their foreheads either. Botox can do the magic but the magic fades and needs to be periodically revived. However, the probability of a plastic surgeon having tried his skill on her face is considerably higher. It is her nose job that is the source of this suspicion. Does it not seem much sharper than before? That can’t be achieved with those modern cosmetics for sure. The lip line is another give away in her case. Her lips seem much fuller than a few years before. It is not surprising then that the lady smiles more often now than before. Her lips do not become too thin when she smiles. Such thinning of lips when smiling is all too common amongst people her age. Her cheeks too show some fullness which is rather uncommon at her age. However, the skin on her face though smooth is not too taut, even though it does seem well toned. Tight and yet supple facial skin would have been a dead giveaway, would it not? Whoever did that job took care not to over-do it leaving people guessing and letting the lady deny such speculations.

Types of surgeries and procedures possible for those results

Plastic surgeons feel she underwent rhinoplasty and brow lift procedures. In addition, she may be using botox as well as some fillers possibly Restylane or Juvederm for that youthful look. They rule out excessive tampering with her face. A mini facelift, they feel is responsible for preventing shaggy look on her face and improvement in tone of her facial skin. Heather Locklear plastic surgery list may include breast implant as well, since her breast seem fuller now than before, which is rather unusual for a lady of her age. Her size seems to be 34C now after such augmentation with the help of plastic surgery.


The lady of course denies having undergone any of those facelifts and surgeries. She wants to age naturally and gracefully. There is no denying that she is naturally beautiful but subtle changes do raise doubts, especially when perfection seems too perfect. Bottom line is that she is looking closer to late 30’s than early 50’s. Could it be the flush of youth love imparts? She did date Dr. Marc Mani, and no prices for guessing his profession.