How Tall Is Kelly Ripa

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How Tall Is Kelly Ripa

She was born on the 2nd of October1970 to Esther and Joseph Ripa. She is an American actress, talk show host and a television producer. She is one of Hollywood’s sexy mommies and her fame does not only revolve around her carrier but her toned body frame and height. At the age of 44, she has a rich profile in showbiz wither greatest investment in the industry being the part owner of Milonjo, a New York based production house which she owns with her husband. Hollywood is full of talent and every celebrity has to find something to earn a competitive edge. The sassy actress has earned her competitive edge through maintaining an even toned body. She has also not allowed herself to succumb to the aging process, it has been rumored that she is on the usual anti aging surgical treatments that seem to agree with her. Lately, her height has been the course of the buzz in the media.

Kelly Ripa Height 

Kelly Ripa is an actress who has fought old age with everything in her. Pictures of her trending on the internet clad in Bikinis offer a breathtaking view of her even toned body. However, her height is also noticeable. She is of average height, standing at 5’3”, she towers above most of her age mates especially when she is wearing the elegant long heels. Tall women are outstanding and are preferred for modeling to short women. Ripa is an elegant woman, with her tall frame and slender body; she has endeared her fans and turned herself into a worldwide celebrated fan. With her slender frame, she appears taller and there is an ongoing debate on her actual height. Most gossip columns add onto her a few inches due to the fact that her slender frame gives the impression that she is much taller than she already is.

What Do Her Fans Think?

Celebrities have been bestowed with the role of trend setters. Most of the times, they have be criticized for setting the wrong examples especially when they indulge in cosmetic surgery. Not only do they crush the self esteem of upcoming stars but they set a wrong example on how people should react to nature. However, when it comes to height, there is not so much that can be done. Luckily, celebrities seem to have handled the whole issue positively. The main message being it does not matter how short or how tall you are. Although much fuss and contradicting reactions have been associated with Kelly’s height, this has not had any effect on her as a person. In fact, the news has made her more popular and she suffers from no feelings of inadequacy. This is a healthy reaction given that most fans react to who they are depending on what their favorite celebrity does.

What Do Critics Think? 

Celebrities are not only loved for their talents but for their bodies too, Kelly could pass for a super model. Her height complements her even toned body and she was blessed with an elegant look with heels or flats. She is an inspiration to many celebrities and her fans at large since she practices healthy living and eating habits. Even when followed by cosmetic surgery speculations, the star actress has shone brighter due to her moderate indulgence with the procedures. With Kelly, there is very little to criticize since she has proven to be a worthy idol for young women. The most important thing is that she ha gone ahead to prove her hard work and ambitious nature without suffering from insecurities that arise from social media criticisms.