Michelle Obama Height

Michelle Obama Height

Michelle Obama Height

Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama was born on the 17th of January 1964 in Chicago, Illinois in the United States. She is a lawyer and a writer but she is widely known for being the First lady of America. She is the wife to the 44th president f the United States Barrack Obama. The mother of two has gone into the books for being the first African – American first lady in the history of America. With her prominence, she is bound to be noticed for anything and it comes as no surprise that both her physical and personality traits are under scrutiny. It seems like the media is no longer interested in her love for shopping but her one physical trait that is not so common among majority of the women: her height. The American first lady is one tall woman and this can be observed at a single glance.


How tall is Michelle Obama? 

Michelle Obama height is estimated at 5’11’’ but some have rated it lower than this, despite eth difference in the inches, it is unlikely that she is below 5’9’’. Her height makes her stand out among a crowd. She is famous for many other positive qualities but her height is one controversial physical trait. How tall or how short an individual is determined by one’s genes. It seems like Michelle Obama’s lineage had some tall people a trait she has passed to her daughter Malia. Malia is already s tall as her mom; this can be seen in a photo of tem standing next to each other. Her husband is rated at 6’1’ and there is no doubt that the first Lady is the perfect complement for him. in fact ,it is from the picture of the couple that people began to take an interest in her height given that she was almost closing in on the president.

What Does Michelle Have To Say? 

She is aware of how tall she is and has no complex about it. The only time she faults her height is when she wants to sneak out unnoticed only to be given away by her tall frame. When speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live, she admitted that she was conscious of the fact that she is much taller than most women. She has no problems with her height though, she was simply stating a fact that she has no control over. She went on with how she sometimes falls at her attempts at disguising herself since she can easily be spotted from a distance and the crowd does not do her any good since she ends up towering over most people. Her height gives her a natural elegance and clearly, she does not need the long heals to stand out.

Does Her Height Affect Who She Is? 

Michelle has proved to be an industrious woman with a rich personality nod positive attitude towards life. This is rich from a woman whose height is controversial in terms of the appropriate height for a woman. However, she has proved that height has nothing to do with your personality and all you have to do is to believe in yourself and appreciate who you are. She is the perfect example of a self confident woman who uses her abilities to achieve her goals. She has set a good example of the women battling with height issues both of those who feel either too tall or too short by sending the subtle message that height has nothing to do with it. The elegant first lady has rocked social media sites with her controversial tall frame but luckily she has not developed any complexes from it.