Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris Nose Job – Before and After Pictures

Jillian Harris went under the knife for a nose job with remarkable success. The straight-talking Canadian sweet-heart wants her critics to moderate their negative talk and begin to accommodate other people’s private decisions. Listening to Jillian Harris talk passionately about the procedure can make even the toughest of critics to check on their facts and give some credit where it is due. People love Jillian Harris because she preaches beauty and drinks beauty. She is a television woman and understands that she must remain in the public glare for much of her time on this planet. She also knows that she owes her loyal fans some beauty to nourish the natural human taste of beauty. Such a goal can get complicated when one suffers from the effect of a broken nose that shows signs of damage quite easily to friends and enemies.

Jillian Harris Nose Job

What does Jillian Harris want critics to know about plastic surgery?

The hearts of celebrities are not made of stone. This is one message that Jillian Harris wishes her critics to understand. The talented television celebrity also her critics to understand that the many negative comments they post on their blogs hurt a lot. She shares in the agonies of her fellow celebrities who struggle every day to make meaning out of the insults that critics and haters post on the social media and any other available spaces for public comment. One of the issues that bother Jillian Harris is that critics go to very great lengths to speculate on matters of plastic surgery without bothering to find if the celebrities had any genuine reasons for the same. She admitted to having cried a lot when a blogger wrote something totally nasty about her nose. The comment, as she says, pushed her in the direction of the plastic surgery.

Jillian had good reasons for rhinoplasty: her nose was broken:

Jillian admits that she would not have sought the services of a plastic surgeon if her nose was not broken in the first place. According to her, she responded to the comment of the unfeeling blogger and a suggestion from her mother. One issue that she wishes to make clear is that many celebrities do not just walk into the plastic surgery theater for the fun of it. They have issues on their faces, which they want to be fixed. As such, it becomes unfair for critics to rush and lampoon the celebrities for pursuing a matter that is very much consistent with their roles as celebrities. As a television celebrity, Jillian acknowledges the need to look her most fabulous most of the time. The need to look perfect on the television screen was the compelling reason that drove Jillian into the hands of a plastic surgeon.

The Canadian sweetheart is not looking for any other plastic surgery:

One thing that Jillian does not like is for the fans and critics to read too much into her nose job. She hates it when people imagine that she has become hooked on plastic surgery. Will she go under the knife for a boob job or a lip job? Her response is a polite but firm negative. At least for now, Jillian does not feel it right to seek plastic surgeries. But she might consider it as the last arrow in her quiver when she turns forty. In her own admission, the age of forty comes with a few challenges that needs to be sorted out as one advances in years. As such, Jillian believes that the best way to engage with her body is to stay focused on her present goals and let nature take its course. Nevertheless, Jillian knows how to apply makeup in the most fabulous manner. Moreover, she has a strong sense of fashion that has seen her hog the celebrity headlines for all the right reasons. As such, Jillian beauty shall endure for much longer.