Kenny Rogers Facelift

Kenny Rogers Facelift

Kenny Rogers Facelift – Before and After Pictures

It is impossible to listen to Kenny Rogers without loving the skill behind the voice. The love and respect for the elderly musician magnifies the moment you meet him in person or see him on your screen. Rogers cuts an image of a measured and affable man who understands the meaning of staying very cool in hot water. The mustache and white hair are some of the impressive features that have defined Kenny’s great facial aesthetics for years. However, something changed and many people do not like it. Kenny Rogers broke his silence and admitted to having gone under the surgeon’s blade for a facelift. If he went back in time, he would not move close to any plastic surgical theater for the same reason.

Kenny Rogers Facelift

Why Kenny Rogers is not comfortable with his facelift:

Kenny Rogers does not deserve any harsh words that some critics throw in his court regarding plastic surgery. Is it not a noble desire for anybody to claim bits youthfulness in the after of a plastic surgeon? The only problem is that things did not go his way. Kenny looks so different from his previous image that his ardent fans across the globe have to learn the hard way to know him afresh. In his own admission, his face feels uncomfortably tight and strange. He feels like he is looking at the word with a wrong face. It is sad when a celebrity of Kenny’s status moans the loss of a face that has sold him to billions of fans around the world.

What compelled the good old Kenny to go under the knife?

Kenny Rogers should owe a lot of gratitude to his previous great face that inspired respect and a lot of admiration. There is no other way that the world knows Kenny other than through his trademark hairy face and an infectious smile that spread evenly across a handsome face. That smile is no longer there. All Kenny can afford is a struggle that concocts into something close to a grimace. This sad show has led many people to question the motivating factors behind the decision. According to the grapevine, the main objective was to please his young wife. Many people have been left pondering whether the motivation was worth the effort and the poor consequences. Everybody has a right to choose what they want with their bodies, but celebrities share their lives with their adoring fans. Their successes, pains, and frustrations are shared by millions. It is because of this reason that the world now mourns the effects of a plastic surgery gone wrong.

Should Kenny Rogers consider a corrective procedure? Many think he should.

Kenny Rogers has been in public promising to go to the theater a second time. This time he wants the surgeons to do all in their power to give him back his signature looks. It is not fun for anyone to look like a stranger in his own body. As such, many fans have expressed their support for Kenny’s stated intentions to seek a corrective procedure. The only problem is that success is not guaranteed. There are examples of many celebrities who have sought intervention procedures to mend the damage caused by a previous procedure. According to those who want Kenny to stay with his mistake, two wrong in the world of plastic surgery cannot make a right. However, the last decision lies with Kenny because he knows exactly where the shoe pinches. Perhaps none of his critics can do a mile in his shoes.

The upshot:

Kenny has commanded a near unassailable lead in country music. His profile grows and glows day and night. He has made very many right decisions in his life. Celebrity critics want to hold him to account for messing up his good looks. Perhaps, the world should look more into the merits of plastic surgery or lack thereof. Again, neat lines should be drawn between what the celebrity owes the world and what celebrities can do in their private lives. For Kenny Rogers, the entire universe hopes for a good ending.