Rose McGowan Car Accident

Rose McGowan Accident

Rose McGowan Car Accident – Before and After Pictures

She was born as Rose Arianna McGowan on the 5th of September 1973 in Florence Italy. She is an Italian –American actress famous for her role as Paige Mathews in the television supernatural series Charmed. She has performed in many other films and series and has also taken the role of a co-host and cover model aside from her acting role. Her first role in the acting industry was in the Pauly Shore comedy which saw her prove how deep her talent runs. She caught the eye of many film critics and won herself a best debut award. This award brought her to the limelight and she soared higher in her glory to become among g the most successful actresses America has ever had. Her career has not been followed by many scandals until her looks gradually transformed for the worst. It is like she woke up one day and became a completely different person with all her striking looks having disappeared.

Rose McGowan Accident

Rose McGowan Accident 

The actress was involved in a car accident which scarred her right under her eye. If you are thinking that this is the cause of the facial transformation, then you are wrong. Even with the scar, she was still recognizable with her beautiful facial features. However, she is no longer the same actress as a result of too much surgery. When her face was scarred, it was expected that she will turn to surgery to get rid of the scar. This seemed understandable given that showbiz personalities are expected to be flawless not only by their job requirements but also by their fans. It would have been better if the star would have stopped at fixing the damage done to her face. Unfortunately, she did not and now she has to pay a heavy prize for her choice to accentuate her pretty looks.

Rose Speaks About Her Accident 

The actress openly spoke about her accident sharing minor details. Allegedly, she was not even aware of the fact that she had sustained a cut under her eyes. This was as a result of the shock of being in an accident. When she touched her face, this was when she realized that her glasses had gone deep into the skin under her eye. She admits to having had the scar fixed and claims that that was the only one of her surgery. However, not everyone believes her. As much as the accident was real and needed fixing as evidence by the pictures of her scar, it is claimed that she had more surgeries which were unrelated to the car accident. Allegedly, her facial transformation speaks more of the surgeries she has had. Celebrities are in the habit of finding excuses to justify their indulgence with cosmetic surgery. As much as Rose’s case is real and justifiable, it is claimed that she is hiding her other surgeries behind this one.

Surgery Results 

According to Dr. Walden, the actresses’ face speaks of more than one surgery all of which did not go well. The surgeon who has not treated the actress claims that Rose has deliberately kept the rest of the surgeries a secret for her own good. Despite her denials, the trending speculations sound more convincing than her side of the story. It is speculated that she has had a lip procedure, Botox injections and possible facial fillers. For obvious results, speculators no longer need confirmation from celebrities since their keen eye can notice the difference. Rose McGowan accident was an unfortunate incident but her botched jobs are more unfortunate since they have not had a positive impact on her image.