Kim Delany Plastic Surgery

Kim Delany Plastic Surgery

Kim Delany Plastic Surgery – Before and After Pictures

She was born on the 21st of November 1961 in Philadelphia Pennsylvania to Joan and Jack Delany. She stated her showbiz days as a model for elite Agency and grew into an actress through participation in television commercials which brought her into the limelight. The famous moment in her acting career was in the 80’s when she performed in All My Children and her career has grown since then. She is now famous for her love for cop television dramas. She has featured in many such like films and television series including Lady Boss and NYPD among many others. However, Kim seems to be undergoing some transformations that cannot entirely be related to her getting older. In fact, it seems like she is benefiting from cosmetic procedures.

Kim Delany Plastic Surgery

What is wrong with Kim’s face? 

This is the question on the mind of most of her fans who have looked at her after photos. She is no longer the same and it is unfortunate that she is losing her natural beauty to plastic surgery. A look at her after photos is enough to show the tell tale signs of plastic surgery gone wrong. Kim Delany plastic surgery has seen her join one of the most dreaded lists in Hollywood: surgeries that should never have happened. She is a victim of a botched job which has distorted her looks and stolen away part of her natural beauty. She is almost unrecognizable with some of her fans claiming that they have to rely on her voice to identify her.

What Are Her Surgeries? 

It is speculated that a total of three procedures are behind the weird transformation on the once sassy actress’s face. Botox injections, facelifts and a lip augmentation are the speculated procedures. Allegedly, she is also though to have benefited from a breast augmentation whose results are not among the best in Hollywood. The anti aging procedures are common among women in their fifties some of whom even start fighting old age as early as in their late thirties. However, it seems like she was unlucky enough to taste the other side of Botox and facelift procedures.

Botox and Facelift 

Botox injections and facelift procedures are complementary forms of surgery. They work hand in hand to eliminate all traces of old age from a celebrity’s face. When used in moderation, these procedures work well and give one a wrinkle free face to be proud of. However, Kim’s wrinkle free face is not something she can be proud off since it has an unnatural appearance. This is a common effect of over indulgence in either of the procedures. Her face suffers from the freezing effect of the procedures which distorts natural appearance and also diminishes natural beauty. However, the results of her anti aging procedures are not so bad since she is still pretty face just not as pretty as she was before.

Breast Implants and Lip Augmentation 

The result of her breast implants has also been another source of controversy with critics being divided over the surgery results. Some claim that the implants were a botched job too while others are of the idea that she looks better with her assets enhanced. However, the most controversial of Kim Delany plastic surgery is her lip job. Her upper lip is fuller than her lower lip giving her the trout pout appearance but not in the desired manner. There are women who have emulated this look and have looked wonderful but her case is not the same. Instead of looking sensuous, her lips are out of proportion and out of place. It is sad that the pretty faced has earned value for her time and money spent at the surgeon’s clinic but at least she made an attempt to reverse the aging process.